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Jul 29, 2007 01:20 PM

Casual dinner in South Philly without reservations required?

Will be picking up my son at the airport around 7-8 pm on a Saturday evening. He will be dressed VERY causally (read... shorts, jeans/ T-shirt) Thought dinner in South Philly would be a good idea as he will be famished(leaves Seattle @ 6am with bad connections)All ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. The South Philadelphia Tap Room @ 15th and Mifflin is a fun, friendly, casual spot.

    1. Criniti's on Broad St. just north of Oregon Ave. would be convenient for you. It's only a few blocks north of the Broad St exit of I-95 as you head back into the city from the airport.
      On a Saturday night without a reservation (Actually, I'm not even sure if they take them), you might have a short wait but it is a very casual place.

      1. I suggest Marra's, at 1734 E. Passyunk. Very popular, casual, good pizza, salads, and all the rest. You may have to wait, but it moves quickly.

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          Marra's was going to be my other suggestion, but at that time on a Saturday night, Criniti's might be a little easier to get into. Hard to go wrong with either place though.

        2. Tony Luke's is right at Front and Oregon - the original stand or the restaurant across the street

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            yello'bar on 24th and catharine is just off 76 (university ave. exit)- good beer and food- casual

          2. 2nd the south philly taproom. Also, their chef specials are nothing short of inspired. Basically, the chef is sorta bored so some nights he sets up a $9, $12, and $15 chef special (you pick, higher quality ingredients as it goes higher). Tell him what you like and don't like (no shellfish, like it spicy, etc) and he'll play around and make you something awesome. I had a very, very good jambalaya-ish thing when I went. Unusually good beer selection, and very good vegetarian options.

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              That's interesting to hear joypirate. I just moved to the area. I should try this place!