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Jul 29, 2007 01:19 PM

Best restaurants in Boulder and Denver

My husband and I will be in Boulder for 2 nights and Denver for 1 night.

So far we have a reservation at Frasca in Boulder the first night (we have been there before and had a wonderful experience). Looking for a recommendation for the second night. We appreciate very good (melt in your mouth) food, quality service and a nice wine list. I don't eat meat so seafood/fish options are a must (although this never seems to be a problem at a good restaurant). Based on some research we have the following possibilities on our list for Boulder:

Flagstaff House
Restaurant 4580

For Denver we have the following possibilities on our list:

Jax Fish house
Bistro Vendome

Recommendations from those up-to-date with whats good in Boulder/Denver will be much appreciated.


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  1. Besides the top table Frasca which you've already hooked up...

    Fruition in Denver
    Black Cat Bistro in Boulder
    Of the Denver possibilities, if you don't pick Fruition, I'd go with Mizuna or Rioja over the others.

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      Ditto this. My choices in Denver would be Fruition or Mizuna and possibly Potager (although I haven't been to Potager in a while). I like the other places just fine, but they wouldn't be my choice if I had only one night in Denver.

    2. In Denver I would try to hit Fuition like everyone says. I also really like Rioja and Mizuna, if you like Italian food Luca d'Italia is great as well. I ditto pp who mentioned Potager, I've yet to have a bad meal there. Venice is great for HH, but I'm not sure it's worthy of dinner if you're trying to find the best.

      1. Thanks for your suggestions. We are definately set for Denver. I now wish we were there more than one night. It will be Fruition, Mizuna or the latest suggestion Luca d'Italia looks amazing - we love great Italian.

        Still looking for something in Boulder. Black Cat Bistro looks wonderful but maybe too French style for us. Any other suggestions in Boulder would be appreciated.

        Thanks again for your help!

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          I've heard really good things about Mateo and The Kitchen in Boulder. If you're in Boulder on a Monday night the Kitchen does a family style meal and Frasca does a fixed price menu.

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            My personal choices in Denver would be Deluxe on South Broadway, Tula in Cherry Creek North, and Cafe Star on Colfax.



          2. re: srubin

            If Black Cat Bistro looks too "French style," I'm curious why L'Atelier was on your initial list. Many high-end places have some French influences, but that doesn't mean they are strictly French restaurants. Mizuna, Black Cat, and Flagstaff House dish up foie gras; Cafe Star serves foie and a decadent duck confit leg; Fruition's chef is quoted on their website as utilizing classic French techniques in concert with others; and even Frasca's chef went to culinary school in France and apprenticed there.

            1. re: rlm

              Great question. I realized my comment made no sense as soon as I pushed send!! Although my husband will eat anything I am quite a picky eater and after looking at the menus L'Atelier and Flagstaff they seemed to have more options that I would be happy with. I generally stay away from heavy sauces or dished made with heavy butter/cream. With that said Frasca has very few options on their menu without these ingredients but when I was there last year they were incredibly accomodating making me an amazing fish dish prepared simply in olive oil and lemon with sauted spinach. It was really quite delicious and they could not have been any nicer about making the change for me. The reality is any good restaurant will be accomodating in this way. We have not received any exciting reviews of L'Atelier or Flagstaff so we will stay away. Your point is well taken!

              1. re: srubin

                Like Frasca, both The Flagstaff House (still one of my favorite special occasion restaurants because it's an enduring classic) and L'Atelier (which doesn't get enough attention or acclaim because it's right across the street from Frasca) would be happy to accommodate your special requests. No reason to deny yourself and your easier-to-please husband either of these two experience from a look at their menus.

                1. re: srubin

                  L' Atelier shouldn't be passed up. I beg to differ that you haven't seen any exciting reviews as I have posted many pointing out my love for the place, maybe the search didn't come up with my posts but L' Atelier is a Top 5 restaurant for me.

                  Radek Cherney and his staff are more than accomodating and don't let the online menus stear you in any other direction than to a phone call to see what is on the menu for that night. I have found the back of house more than accomodating to any request.

                  Again (and as usual) I agree with Claire that it happens to get overlooked due to its proximity to Frasca (which is also delightful) but that doesn't mean it is not exciting. In fact Radek Cherney's menus can be incredibly exciting and somewhat innovative in a fusion way.

                  In fact my Grandfather at 97 years young will not have creme' brulee are where else.

                  1. re: srubin

                    you should go to these restaurant for what the chef makes and how he writes his menu. Not for them to make you something that they wouldn't serve. It is great that they do that for you but if you maybe look at a place that cooks more toward your taste.

              2. I would go with The Kitchen in Boulder, all fresh and local ingredients.

                1. forget the other suggestions, go to barolo grill

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                  1. re: Ghost Runner

                    If you do go to Borolo... please make sure to call before you go though. They take a trip to Italy every summer. Sometimes they go in July, sometimes they go in August.