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fixin for gelato!!! in queens!!

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craving gelato big time in bayside, douglaston, flushing area... willing to travel a bit.. good ice cream good too thanks!

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  1. Are ya willing to go to Manhasset??
    Emack & Bolio's on Plandome Rd. is YUMMY. Especially a flavor that i think is called..."Caramel Moose Prints."

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      ha, we had brunch in port washington, i should have asked this morning, could have picked up on way back! just went to website they are open until 11 - love the philosphy. thanks!

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        i live in PW... where did you have brunch? Was it good?

    2. D'Aquila Pastry shop on Francis Lewis Blvd. near 32nd Ave has great chocolate fudge gelato. Nice espresso also.

      1. giuli's on ditmars in astoria one block east of 31st street, on the north side of the street.

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          Terrizi Bakery on 30th ave in Astoria also has excellent gelato, but is quite a ways from Bayside.

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            though i think it's too expensive, there's also ciao bella on austin st in forest hills.

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              I think you're talking about the cafe Piu Bello. The one on the corner in that 2 story mall. The gelato there is just okay but not worth going out of your way for. The gelato at Martha's Country Bakery is pretty bad.

              They might serve gelato on the dessert menu at Press 195 in Bayside. I believe they do at the Park Slope location and the quality is quite good (they don't make it themselves - it might be the Ciao Bella brand or Il Laboratorio. If it's the latter then it will be outstanding.)

        2. Not near Bayside/Flushing but:
          I've been going to Bella Via on Vernon in LIC since they opened a few years ago and last month I tried the gelato for the first time - it was outrageously good. I wonder where they get it.

          1. The italian bakery on metropolitan avenue, near 71 ave in forest hills, has gelato. Also it's a couple of blocks from Eddie's Sweet Shop, which has fresh peach ice cream this time of year! And you can street park.

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              Yes, it's called La Dolce Italia. Can't vouch for the gelato, but the pastries have always been good.

            2. Best I ever had isn't in Queens but in Rosyln, if you can travel a bit..it's on 1136 Willis Ave, called Baci, get the cappucino, pink grapefruit, mint with dark choc slivers..out of this world great! They even have sugar free and soy gelato as well...adorable little place..

              1. Gelato that rivals the kindu get in Italy - D'Auila Pastry Shop in Bayside on Francis Lewis Blvd. They make their own gelato with the ingredients imported from Italy. The hazelnut is out of this world!!

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                  Best gelato in Queens is La Dolce Via in whitestone. Amazing flavors! They also have an outdoor garden! Just had their gelato and its deliciouso! They also show soccer games as well! Awesome place! Highly recommended.

                  La Dolce Via
                  12-58 150th St, Queens, NY 11357