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Jul 29, 2007 12:28 PM

Butcheries, fish and produce markets in Tampa

Butcheries, fish and produce markets in Tampa...anyone knows any good ones. I would like to find duck, pork belly etc

I used to go to the produce market hillsborough but they dont keep their food in good conditions, a lot of it is jst laying in the sun.... A guy across the street though has great thai basis and other herbs that he keeps in a fridge he has. You can get a big bag of thai basil or mint for almost nothing.

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  1. The silence is deafening.

    I wish I could help. I've been asking about good fish markets for 5 years with no luck.

    I don't care for Land and Sea, but it is about the best I have seen. I heard Cox Seafood on Dale Mabry is pretty good, but it sure looks bad. I haven't tried it.

    Cacciatore on Hanley has some very low prices on meat at times, almost scary low. But it has always been good, especially at the price. they usually run and ad in the wednesday Trib

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      I go into Cox Seafood all the time... It's small, but it's not a bad lookin' shop...
      My God, the Orange Roughy I get from there all the time is magnificent...
      Tons of super fresh fish... And right next store is the Latin meat market/grocery called 'La Casa Del Churassco'... Get a whole 20" piece of the meat they call 'churassco'--- salt it, and get it crusty on a hot grill...
      Wrap in foil to rest and cook thru a bit...
      Slice cross-grain... Spectacular flavorful and juicy meat!! $4.50 lb...
      Be a regular at Cox Seafood... All kinds of odd and fun stuff on ice in the case...

    2. Some of my Butchers/Meat Market/Seafood markets have been Roberts Meats on Westshore, Interbay Meat Market on Interbay and MacDill, and Castallano and Pizzo on Henderson, and Trappman's on Gandy Blvd in St. Pete.

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      1. re: rshally

        I agree with Trappmans on Gandy for seafood. A few other butchers would be Cacciatore on Armenia and Fresh Market on Henderson.


      2. Surf n Turf on Tampa Rd in Palm Harbor. Family owned and operated and also have a nice wine selection.

        1. Thanks to all five people who have replied. This information has been very helpful. I certainly did not know where to go for good fish, etc., although I have driven by several of these places. My question is: Where is "produce market Hillborough"?
          Even if it is not good, I would like to see it. Besides, I would like to go to the place across the street to get the Thai basil and mint which Madrusec recommends. Thanks!

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          1. re: gfr1111

            The Sanwa market is where ost local restaurants get their produce. In front of where the market is you will find individual vendors selling to the public. The location is on East Hillsborough, maybe a mile or 2 east of 275 but well before the Hard Rock Casino.
            I have always been fortunate to also find nice produce at the Oldsmar Flea Market. The fish purveyor up front in the little trailer also has very nice gulf caught fresh shrimp.

          2. I'm reviving this post since it is nearly word for word my exact question and there are probably new places.. I'm coming from out of town to cater a large party in the Beach Park area and am looking for a great fish market (among other things, I need a whole head-on salmon, scallops, etc) and a meat market with things like duck, rabbit, caul/lard, duck liver, etc).

            Lastly, any great produce places (ala Russo's)?

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            1. re: alwayscooking

              I have since benn to Cox Seafood a few times. It is quite good, and they seem pretty knowledgaeable and eager to provide good service. I gather it is a family run business.

              Cacciatore on Hanley does have rabbit and some other atypical meats, all at good prices.They also have an extensive pasta selection

              1. re: sarge

                Rick's Exotic Meats has very inexpensive rabbit. The rabbits that I purchased were about $10 a piece (and pretty large).

                1. re: sarge

                  I head to Cox for fresh fish and seafood

                2. re: alwayscooking

                  I go to a nice produce stand on Bearss, its on the south side of the street about 2-3 miles off Dale Mabry. They grow some things onsite, and have a wide selection. Prices are pretty fair also, large bags of fresh herbs generally 99cents. They havea few coolers and freezers as well, some local cheese, juices, milk, and eggs, honey, breads, etc. I also like the Asian market on Dale Mabry, in the plaze with Tampa Pitcher show. Great selection of dry goods and spices, along with a small amount coolers for produce, etc.
                  Edit- my husband has been to Cox seafood and likes the selection. I vouch for him, although I haven't made it there myself as of yet!

                  1. re: jme1beachbum

                    Could you get us an exact address on the produce stand on Bearss next time you are there please?

                    1. re: RibDog

                      It is called Bearss Groves.
                      14316 Lake Magdalene Boulevard
                      Tampa, FL 33618
                      (if coming from 275 side its on the left just after light on Lake Emerald Blvd. if coming from Dale Mabry side you will see all the signs and groves before the road on right)

                      Filled a canvas bag yesterday with onions, garlic, apples, bell and poblano beppers, butternut squash, cilantro, chives, mint, basil, (herbs all 99cents a bag), some tiny juicy asian pears, scallions, ginger and some horseradish chedder cheese for about 20 bucks. They also had a lot of really nice looking pumpkins, fresh boiled peanuts and a large array of winter squash and gourds.

                  2. re: alwayscooking

                    Thanks everyone for the input.

                    Cox was definately the best place for fish. They were able to procure a whole salmon for me - it was gorgeous as well as being the best price in town. They had 6 types of shrimp and a huge selection of local fish. Wow.

                    Since I was making pate, I needed a selection of livers - only Oceanic Market had the parts (and I called every place between St Pete and Brandon). Since they had fresh livers only on certain days, I needed to visit them nearly daily to acquire what I needed.

                    Fresh Market was the best of the grocery stores - they had the ingredients I was unable to find at any other store; Unfortunately, the fresh duck breasts I ordered did not get delviered in time, so needed to use frozen whole ducks instead.

                    Fresh vegetables of the variety, quality and cost I was seaching for was also a challenge. SInce I had a budget, I balanced the purchase of them by how they were to be used and the cost/quality. I would have done better to have modified the menu to suit the local offerings but was asked to prepare very traditional French items. It all came out well in the end.

                    I appreciate all of your help.

                    Fresh Market
                    2640 S Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33133