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Jul 29, 2007 12:19 PM

Sienna in Providence, RI

So, Searching the boards specifically for information on Sienna, I find that it is "More hip than old school" and "not romantic".

I've heard a number of people chime in that haven't been there, but have heard that it is good...

Has anyone on here been there themselves and can give good information on the atmosphere, and how it compares to restaurants like Mediterraneo and say (on the other end of the spectrum), Angelo's Civita Farnese?
Also, how does the price range fit in? is it somewhere in the middle between Mediterraneo and Angelo's, is it roughly the same as the Mediterraneo (which I'm expecting), or is it more expensive than the Mediterraneo?
I think all would love to hear more about this relative newcomer (it seems). :)

I will go off and check out the menu in a second, from their website:

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  1. After perusing the menu online I do come back with one question that it seems not to be able to answer:
    Do the Carni or Pollo dishes come with pasta?
    If not, how much extra do they tack on (if anyone knows)?
    It just seems wrong to go to an Italian restaurant and not have pasta.

    1. Loud - bearably so during the week, unbearably so (for me) on weekends. Excellent food, pricing is more similar to Mediterraneo. I've only ordered pasta there but my friend is a big chicken eater and has gotten that. If I recall (last time was a few months ago) I *think* it came w/potato & veg? Comfy seating. I've been twice....first time was a wkend and there was an insanely loud birthday party behind us in the back room (12 drunken women, w/the shriek-laughter going on), second time was in the front room....started w/a drink at the bar right after work and sat down early to the time we left it was full up and beginning to border on too loud.

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      1. re: JaneRI

        Ahh, so it seems the only negative this place really has is that it's loud (which I've also heard mention of in other posts).

        Well, I'm headed there with my Irish GF's family next week. For some reason, I don't think they'll mind too much that it is loud. :)

        1. re: Keithel

          Yup, that is the only negative I can think of. I'm pretty sensitive to noise too, yet I'll definitely be back. I'm Irish....but I think I only like noise & commotion of my own making.

      2. I have been to Sienna with my Mother, Sister, and others many times. I think the food is great, and the wine list is, also. We have always had good, friendly service, and it is a local sister and brother always run into somebody they know there.

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        1. re: nidanlou

          I do not know how many others here are aware, but Siena is opening a second restaurant in East Greenwich VERY soon. I would not expect that it would draw the same LOUD clientele that it does in Providence, so it may be an alternative location for those who enjoy the food but desire a more relaxed environment...

          1. re: Sean

            i've seen loud a few times- like it's a sports bar. it's loud because it's popular - great room, great food. it's not a college/rowdy crowd - just a lot of people talking. bring a date and you'll get lost in conversation.

        2. I agree, it's quite loud. The reason it's loud, however, is because it's POPULAR. In fact, it's always mobbed... with good reason.

          I've always had excellent, excellent food at Sienna. The ingredients are fresh and preperation is consistantly good. Also, I've had much better than average service.

          My only complaint is the winelist. I think it's quite small and contains only the usual suspects. They consider Shafer Napa to be a reserve bottle, for example.

          We go back time and time again, so the unimpressive winelist mustn't bother me that much.