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Jul 29, 2007 11:48 AM

Breakfast with a view, close to the fallriver area

I am driving down from Toronto and looking for an area to stay overnight and wake up to a yummy breakfast with decent water scenary.
The plan is to visit the Borden haunted house in Fall River after the meal, so I am looking for an area that is close by.
So far, Fall River is not looking promising. Is there another area that is better to stay at, grab a quick breakfast, and then drive down to fall river? Yummy donuts or baked goods would be nice...maybe tiverton or newport?
Also, when in fallriver, is there any good portuguese places where I can pick up yummy treats as we will be travelling to boston after that?

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  1. This is tricky. There is no waterfront breakfast place in Tiverton/Little Compton. You could have lunch, or brunch, at the Boathouse in Tiverton: http://www.boathousetiverton.com/ . Or try Three Rivers, very pleasant, in Warren, RI, maybe staying in Bristol. The real problem is where to stay. Newport would be a 50-60 min drive from Fall River. There are some b and b type places in Tiverton and Little Compton, more of a 20-45 min drive. Stone House Club in LC, Ferolbink Farm (both with water views). Butler's Donuts in Westport may be of interest, but there's no seating.

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      It's never taken me more than 30 mins from Fall River to Newport. But if you're heading north again after breakfast, it might not be your best option. On the other hand, it sounds criminal to me to come all the way down from Toronto and NOT see Newport....why not see Newport, and squeeze in a one hour visit to the LB house on your way back up?

    2. I believe I already responded on another board but Westport is close by and the view and food is excellent at The Back Eddy Restaurant on Westport Harbor.

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        The Back Eddy does dinner only during the week, and lunch on S&S (no brunch or bkfast) but I'd agree it's a great choice w/such a cool outdoor seating area. And no trip down to Westport is complete w/out stopping for a wine tasting at Westport Rivers.