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Jul 29, 2007 11:07 AM

I like poached eggs on toast, but...

I have changed my diet significantly over the past few months. I have been extremely cautious in eating bread of any kind and have been tending more towards whole grains in my daily diet.

I have always loved poached eggs on toast, but don't always feel the need to have it "on toast" anymore. So I've been experimenting. This morning's version was a slice of farmer's market tomato and Walla Walla sweet onion topped with the poached egg and a little cheese.

Does anyone else do a style of poached eggs - sans toast? Would love to hear how other's do their poached eggs, especially for breakfast or brunch meals.

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  1. I love a poached egg on a bed of sauteed spinach or on a grilled portobello mushroom. I also love it with lightly steamed asparagus to dip into the yolk.

    A local restaurant used to serve a salad of mixed greens lightly dressed and topped with lardons and a poached egg. The yolk mingled with the dressing and made it deliciously creamy.

    1. Poached eggs are pretty damn good on anything -- polenta, black eyed peas, you can put them pretty much on anything. I also found that poached eggs are really excellent on leftover Indian food -- I had made some Indian-spiced spinach and potatoes (two different dishes), and I actually liked them better with the poached eggs on 'em than when I had originally made them.

      Not sure any of those are particularly HEALTHY, mind you . . .

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        Yum, that sounds really good--on Indian food. I knew someone who would make an English/Indian breakfast with a poached or fried egg over sauteed tomatoes and mushrooms scented with cumin and maybe some other spices. Then eat with toast.

        I always doctor up my instant ramen with a poached egg, and also leftover cha chang myun--which is Korean Chinese food--noodles with a black bean sauce. I think over noodles in general is a good idea. Sometimes I make pasta with a traditional bagna cauda type of sauce (garlic, shallots, anchovies, lemon or orange, butter, olive oil) and top with a poached egg if I want it to be more substantial. You can also trying adding toasted breadcrumbs to a poached egg over any vegetable.

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          In Italy for a poor man's lunch, they would take their left over tomato sauce, simmer it in a flat pan and break some eggs into it, letting the eggs poach in sauce. Add freshly grd black pepper and parm if you like. They use crusty bread for dipping, but some eat it plain.

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            there is a similar recipe on the recipe section here today for Purgatory eggs that sound delicious!

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              I did this a couple of weeks ago. I made a fresh tomato sauce with a couple of heirloom tomatoes and some garlic, added some pasta to finish cooking in the sauce, and cracked eggs into it for the last few minutes. Wow, it was just great. Each egg came out surrounded by a little penne-pasta nest.

          2. I love poached eggs nestled into grits or polenta. A good sprinkling of salt, and it's the perfect breakfast.

            1. You could do huevos rancheros--poach your eggs in spicy tomato sauce with cheese if you want it, and serve with whole-wheat tortillas or brown rice or beans.

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                Corn tortillas are whole grain, too, and yummy.

              2. Last weekend I sauteed artichoke hearts (frozen from Trader Joe's) with some butter, onion, and a little dried thyme. Then put some of the mixture in an oven-proof bowl, topped with a little parmesan, then a poached egg, then more parmesan and some pepper. 'Put this under the broiler till the cheese was melted. This idea came straight from one of the recipes at, which also called for spinach.

                I've also done poached eggs over sauteed leeks, and probably other vegetables as well... I went through a wicked poached-eggs-on-everything phase earlier in the spring. I also like a poached egg over polenta. I'm less of a fan of spinach since I don't care for the resulting green gunge that happens.