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Jul 29, 2007 11:04 AM

Cooked Radishes?

I realized the other day that I have never seen a recipe with cooked radishes in it. Honestly, I have never seen them anywhere but salads and veggie trays. Someone mentioned that we should grow them in our garden next year to help us see where we plant our rows of carrots, but I have no idea what we would do with all of them (we aren't big salad eaters). Has anyone ever cooked with radishes?

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  1. Yes I have a great recipe that calls for cooked green beans and then add butter to a pan add some thinly sliced radishes and saute for several minutes. Then add some fresh lemon juice, let if cook down, then add the green beans.

    1. What a great post to happen upon. I've been munching on lots of radishes while at the computer, mouth on fire, and was just thinking I should have held some back for something other than munching.

      Anyway, radishes are great cooked. Here's a paraphrased recipe from Deborah Madison's Veg Cooking for Everyone

      Braised Red Radishes
      20 radishes (she says plump)
      1 to 2 tb butter
      1 diced shallot
      1 tsp chopped thyme (fresh, or sub a few pinches of dried)

      Trim leaves but leave a bit of green on stems. Wash. Leave small radishes whole and halve or quarter the larger radishes.
      Melt 2 to 3 tsp butter in small saute pan. Add shallot and thyme, cook 1 minute over med heat. Add radishes and a bit of s/p. Add water just to cover. Simmer 3 to 5 mins, until radishes are just tender. Remove to serving dish. Boil liquid, add a bit more butter. Boil down to 1/4 c. Pour over radishes.

      If you want to use the greens, wash them, add them after radishes are tender, cook for 1 minute more until wilted.

      1. Do you know how pretty they look? Tiny wedges or slices, red on the outside and that white-white color inside? They steam in minutes and all they need is the barest dot of butter and a sprinkle of sea salt. They have a natural peppery flavor but you might want a little white pepper so you don't see a bunch of dark pepper specks. They're good with chives or parsley which makes them really pretty for Holiday tables and much lighter than a lot of winter veggies. If you're avoiding butter, a squirt of lemon, orange or rice wine vinegar is nice.
        Try them. You'll probably plant several rows next year. Maybe even start experimenting with a cold frame for growing them and some lettuces in the dead of winter.

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          Yeah, butter & sea salt is my favorite for them, too :)
          I've also roasted them with carrots and tossed with parsley in a dressing of orange marmelade & vinegar. The sesame oil and soy sauce suggestion below sounds great, I'm off to try it!

        2. When she had a show on PBS years ago, I remember Madeline Kamman sauteing sliced radishes in butter as a side dish all by themselves. I wonder what mashed radishes or even pureed radishes would be like as a condiment to a beef or pork roast? Nemo

          1. I recently had them in a braised rabbit dish. The slow cooking mellowed out the fire and they were a good addition to the usual melange of carrots and onions.