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Jul 29, 2007 11:01 AM

Vegetarian hot brown in Kentucky?


We will be visiting the great state of KY next week and had a question. My meat eating husband is excited about trying a hot brown. I have heard rumors that vegetarian hot browns exist in some restaurants in the state, and if they do, I would also love to try one. I have done multiple searches but am having trouble finding out which restaurant. Does anyone know of one??

We will be visiting the Louisville, Lexington, and northern KY/Cincinnati area.

BTW, I have found out that Goldstar chili also has a vegetarian chili option for us veggies. Is this any good? I would like to try authenic Cincinnati food before leaving the last day.

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  1. Hi,
    I can vouch for veggie options in Cincinnati, but none of them are at Goldstar Chili (unless something really changed very recently) but Skyline Chili does have a black beans and rice that they will make into a traditional 3 4 or 5 way chili for you, I recommend it! They also have some vegetarian chili burrito options as well!

    Another suggestion for vegetarians is Ambar India in Clifton's Gaslight district...lots of veggie curries, and they will make them vegan if you want! There are some other really interesting food places with great vegetarian options in Mt. Adams and Hyde Park!

    Hope you enjoy your visit, and I look forward to any vegetarian hot brown leads myself as we will be in Louisville in a few weeks as well!

    1. They have one at Ramsey's in Lexington. There are several throughout the city. I've never tried the veggie hotbrown, but I love the rest of their food. I think their menu is posted at or do a search on google for Ramsey's Menu Lexington, KY.

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        Thank you so much!! This is exactly what I was looking for! I had heard something about Ramsey's possibly having one but after doing extensive web searches was unable to find a menu confirmation until now. Can't wait to try it!

        As for Goldstar, it says on their online menu it offers veggie chili but I will have to double check to confirm. Thanks again adhow and biomo!

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          how in the world could you make a hot brown veggie it would just be bread, cheese sauce and a tomato.

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          I have heard that the Ramsey's Hot Brown isn't truly veg. - chicken base in the cream sauce or something like that. I've tried it, and it's super heavy, as well. One other thing bout Ramsey's - watch the "veggie" sides. Few (if any) are truly vegetarian! But the atmosphere and bar is fun, if crowded.

        3. ramsey's notes on their menus as to what is vegetarian and what is not. so, look for the star or whatever it is.

          the veggie hot brown IS actually, pretty good. and this coming form a meat eater. It is loaded with more veggies - like asparagus, zukes, and squash. So, sure, my definite not a "true" hot brown - but who cares? Call it a Ramsey's Hot Veggie Sandwich then...

          1. Last night I ate at Ramsey's on Old Harrodsburg Road in Lexington, Kentucky. My "Man" had a Kentucky Hot Brown but I had that a few weeks ago. So... I decided to try a Veggie Hot Brown. (I am a meat eater just wanted to try something different) I LOVED IT! It was different and very good. It is heavy but a regular Hot Brown is too. I highly recommend Ramsey's and the Veggie Hot Brown. Everything I have ever gotten there was awesome.