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Jul 29, 2007 10:24 AM

BBQ in Merrick?

Has anyone tried a new spot, the Hog Pit (I think its called) on Merrick Ave in Merrick, down a few stores fronm Rattle Snake Jones? Is it ( my heart be still) the real thing in the middle of the Long Island wasteland for food?

Also, any info on that rib place on Merrick Rd. near Trader Joes? I think I remember Newsady sating that he ahd ribs but he got them vacumed sealed and he just refreshed them before serving.

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  1. Been to the Hog House twice and were not happy. The ribs were fatty with no dicernable smokey flavor. The sides were average at best. In the area we prefer Laura's in Bellmore. I like the baby backs, very lean and tender with that nice pink smoke color. The St. Louis are meatier but not as lean. Collards and beans are dependable tasty sides. Never tried the Merrick Rd. place. BTW the Hog House always seems to be empty. The BBQ at Rattlesnake Jones rocks.

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      Good to know about Laura's, I've been wondering about it!! I also agree, the BBQ at RSJ is great.

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        Anyone else have an opinion about Laura's? If it's as good or better than Hog Heaven, I'd love to try it. Drove past it this AM, so now I know where it is.

    2. I like the rib place on Merrick Ave. A few weeks ago, my husband & I shared ribs and chicken. I would definitely go back. The friends we went with both had a combo platter - I think they liked their food

      We tried the place on Merrick Rd ( the one with the new sign). The music was great, but the food was eh.

      1. I'd spoken to someone who said that Hog House doesn't have a smoker or anything--they get their ribs pre-smoked from a big company (I don't recall which; I'd have to ask again), shrink-wrapped, and they basically toss them into an industrial microwave.

        1. As I'd intimated in a previous post in this thread, I'm not a big fan of Hog House. I can nuke ribs just as easily as they can. Truly dislike their Momma sauce (think that's what they called it). Tasted like they opened a jar of Ragu spaghetti sauce.

          For BBQ in the area, I much prefer Second's. I've heard that Laura's is OK (better than HH).

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              Seconds is located at 2 Washington Ave., Amityville, off rt. 110.