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Jul 29, 2007 09:50 AM

Sparks WoodFire Grill-Studio City

One of my co-workers had a Kobe Beef Burger at this spot last week, he told me it was a must try burger.

I've had the pizza which was average yet now I'm tempted to go back to try this burger.

Any feedback?



P.S.-Also heard FIREFLY makes an unbelievable burger too!

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  1. While I can't speak to the burger, the Grilled Rib-Eye has always been fantastic. Not a bad price either, particularly when it's a special accompanied with the Arugula Salad. You've got to cherry-pick at SWF but there's some "cherce" items.

    1. Stuart,
      I've never had their burger. I think Spark is acceptable for salads and apps, and maybe a pizza. The meat I've had there has been so dry as to be on the edge of inedibility. It is popular but to me, merely inexplicable. Also, incredibly noisy.

      1. Have eaten there a couple times. Found the experience so average my mind glazes over just thinking about it.

        1. So average and noisy that after 5 years, I still will not return.

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          1. re: carter

            I told myself 5 years ago the same, that I would never return yet I trust my friends taste in burgers, this is the only thing I would give a shot if I return is their Kobe Beef burger, I'll report back after I try it.

          2. Is it as salty as everything else they serve? Because man, I'm no neophyte when it comes to sodium consumption but it leaves me reeling and drinking water a litre at a time when I eat there, both Studio City and Huntington Beach.