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Jul 29, 2007 09:30 AM

Last minute recs, please?

I'm going on a mother-daughter trip to NYC, and we leave tomorrow. My mom and I love to eat great food and try new things, but the others going on the trip don't have the same taste as us (they're looking forward to Bubba Gump's - we're from Louisiana, for crying out loud!) We do have reservations for Bolo on Thursday. I'm looking for a few recs on places that either don't take reservations, or that we could try to get reservations the day of/day before. We're open to most anything, but I'd like recs for places other than italian, seafood, barbque, or spanish. Thanks!

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  1. For a great and different experience, try Congee Village, 100 Allen Street. Not your average tourist trap. It serves really good and authentic chinese food. And prices are unbelievably cheap.
    I also like Pardo's, 92 7th avenue, a great place for Peruvian rotisserie chicken and other Peruvian dishes.
    Make sure while youre in town, have some real NY pizza.

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      Zeytin at 85th & Columbus for superb Turkish food in a fun atmosphere (indoor or out).