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Jul 29, 2007 09:05 AM

Wine shops in Sunnyside?

Hi, I just moved to Sunnyside this June and I love it here. I've discovered (with the aid of ChowHound and a few friends) several really good restaurants and bakeries and have explored a few of the markets out here, but one thing I haven't found and (sort of) need is a really good wine shop. If there's a good one in Williamsburg I can get there on a bike pretty easilly. Does anyone know of a good wine shop in the area, or do I need to go to Forrest Hills, Astoria and BK for that?

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  1. How about this place? I've never been, but it looks interesting and convenient, near the 7 at Vern/Jax.

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      Ohhh...that does look interesting. I will check it out and report back on my findings. Thank you!

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        Hey! I went to vine/wine in LIC and bought 2 nice bottles of wine, moderately priced (a mixed cab and I forget what- Cuban red, and a nice dry German white) which turned out to be quite nice. It's a pretty little shop with a friendly and helpful sales clerk. They have tastings every Wed night and they aren't far from me at all. So THANK YOU!

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          A Cuban wine? Are you sure about this? I wasn't aware such a thing existed -- seems like the climate would be too tropical for grape-growing. Plus, given the embargo situation, selling Cuban wine in a US store would be illegal. If it was in fact a Cuban wine, do you remember the name? I'd love to find it.

    2. I haven't been here, but it looks promising. The selection seems to heavily favor Burgundy wines.

      New York Wine Warehouse
      8-05 43rd Avenue
      Long Island City
      (718) 784 8776

      Mon - Fri: 9 am to 6 pm
      Sat: 9:30am to 2:30 pm
      Closed on Sunday

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      1. I've had Lowry Wine Shop on Queens Boulevard order me wine that they did not carry.

        1. My favorite is Hunters Point Wine and Spirits,, at Vernon and 47th ave. Vine Wine is excellent also.

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            if you want to stick around in the neighborhood, i agree that lowery wine & liquors on queens blvd b/t 40th and 41st st (southside), is a good choice. everyone there is very friendly, and there is one guy there that is very knowledgeable and helpful in finding good wines (a taller, older, caucasian man). prices are reasonable, also.

            next door to this wine place is a little market called superior markets, in the windows you will see a huge selection of imported beers if you're into that sort of thing, too.

            i also noticed a beer depot near de mole? anyone been there?

            1. re: Linda

              Ooo- imported beers. Good to know. Thanks

              1. re: Linda

                The beer depot near de Mole is standard supermarket stuff. Nothing exciting. The aforementioned Superior Market is an interesting place with lots of imports from Bulgaria, Croatia, etc., and breads, too.

                And another vote for Lowery Liquors.

              2. re: Astoria Lurker

                Superior Markets is GREAT on beer - they say there is nothing in that window that at least one of the sales people isn't crazy about. I've gotten great recommendations / beer there. I haven't been to the beer depot.

              3. The LIC shops are pretty inconvenient to Sunnyside, IMO.
                Lowry's is the only good wine (and booze) shop in the nabe. Sunday hours, too--something like 10-4.

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                1. re: MarcInSunnysideGardens

                  Actually, although I plan to check out Lowry, VineWine is right down the street- while I wouldn't walk there it's an easy bike ride.

                  1. re: SusanJean

                    Susan, since you're biking anyway, check out 5 Star Wine & Liquor in Woodside (Woodside ave, 60th st.) - good selection, always great prices and nice stuff (will also order you whatever you like). Also, check out a warehouse store that's housed in the Costco warehouse (Vernon & Broadway) - they're not affiliated with Costco and you don't need to be a member - prices make you wish you had a van not a bicycle...

                    1. re: welle

                      I can second 5 Star - while they don't have everything a wine lover could want, they do have a good selection of French and Italian wines and very reasonable prices. And they're convenient to the 7 train.

                      1. re: welle

                        Thanks Welle & glorypea. I will check them out.

                        1. re: SusanJean

                          If you have access to a car or don't mind taking the subway to LIC, Hunters Point Wines and Liquors is the place to go. Paul, the owner, knows his stuff and has incredible recs for every price point. He also knows everything on his shelves and his selection is primarily comprised of small vineyard stuff. I have never met anyone so passionate about wines. He used to be the wine director at Scalini Fideli as well as a distributor and has been in the wine biz for a long time. Go in there on a Thursday or Friday evening between 6-8 when he usually has tastings or better yet go on a Saturday morning when you can really strike up a conversation with him, he's a real great guy and will certainly guide you in the right direction.