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Jul 29, 2007 09:00 AM

stuffed mushrooms w/ sausage

I have some excellent quality ground pork and I lost my recipe for stuffed mushrooms.

Can you help w/ recipe?
With parmesan and breadcrumbs. I'm thinking while I'm at it I'll stuff some Mariachi peppers too. Do you think I can freeze?

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  1. Because of the water in the cell structure, I don't think the mushrooms can be frozen without break down. The peppers should be able to be frozen without too many ill affects. Other peppers seem to be frozen on a regular basis without issue (poppers).

    Recipe-wise I'd go this way:

    Pull off the mushroom cap and reserve the stem.

    Make your sausage and add the stem back into it as a binder. I'd go mild flavors in the sausage to match the cap. By mild I'm thinking a couple of cloves of garlic, a bit of sage (fresh) and some basil.

    Finish with parmeasan and bake at 350 until browned.

    1. I sometimes add a little balsamic vinegar to my stuffing to cut through the fattiness of the sausage. I don't know about the freezing, never tried that before.