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Jul 29, 2007 08:50 AM

Special airline meals?

I don't have any pressing health, ethical or religious needs, but I'm wondering whether it is better to order a "special" meal - here I'm talking mostly overseas and long-haul flights - in my case from Montréal to various European destinations - such as a vegetarian one or any other, in chowish and nutritional terms.

Of course if you do have special needs, you are welcome to weigh in on how well - or poorly - airlines dealt with them.

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  1. Depending on the airline, some are know to have better general meals. I have often ordered a special meal, although I don't necessarily need it. I've enjoyed Kosher and veggie. I have also seen East Indian meals on some airlines, which have looked very yummy.

      1. re: Bob Brooks

        I always order vegetarian or kosher even though I am neither, though I also heard Indian is worth ordering too. I find with vegetarian you usually get fruit rather than some sticky cake thing.

      2. One "secret" I was told by a Flight Attendant after being recognized from too many weekend trips back east when my dad was ill was to order the "seafood" meals and snacks...

        Oh, the first time I got a 12 chilled shrimp with cocktail sauce, the jealous looks abounded. Wonderful treat compared to the half sandwich with chips and a cookie everyone else got.

        The tuna salad ended up being a favorite- two large scoops of mostly tuna witl light mayo and celery and not much else in it...dinner roll, butter...and because it is a "special" meal, to easily distinguish form others you get different fresh fruits on the tray.

        Just ask for seafood only.

        1. If anyone does have dietary needs, it's best to make them known while booking the flight as cabin crew may not have an understanding of what constitutes "vegan", "hindu vegetarian" etc. On my last flight the gentleman next to me needed a kosher meal, but didn't specify until too late. He tried to get the vegetarian option but there were none left so he settled for the fish selection, which turned out to be a prawn curry. It was a 14 hr flight so I felt really awful for him!

          1. I like halal meals where available. You increase the chance of getting lamb, mutton, or goat.