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gluten free in brooklyn

anybody know of good gluten free restaurants and/or grocery resources in brooklyn?


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  1. You can find gluten-free foods at most health food stores in Brooklyn, but the one with the most outstanding selection is Park Natural And Organic Food (274 Union St. bet. Clinton & Court Sts) in Carroll Gardens. I used to live a few blocks away and was always impressed by its inventory: a separate, multi-shelf GF freezer section, loads of baking supplies, and a well-labeled area in the back for dry goods like multiple pasta brands, cereals, cookies, etc, etc.
    Definitely worth checking out, the only other store I've found (in all of New York) to be as good is Whole Foods.

    1. I haven't tried them myself, but my mother and brother have celiac disease and like the following places-
      http://www.everybodyeats-inc.com - they make baguettes, etc. Pricey, but supposed to be good.
      http://www.josefsglutenfree.com - bought my brother cookies and bagels from here once.
      Fairway has a decent frozen selection. The Gillian's brand french rolls were favorites.
      Also, in case you didn't see it already, a recent NY Times article on gluten free eating-

      1. Perelandra
        175 Remsen Street ... (between Court and Clinton Streets)
        Brooklyn, NY 11201

        Link ---> http://www.perelandranatural.com/sear...

        1. Please be more specific! These days asking for a gf meal on chowhound is vague as asking for a good meal... Neighborhood? Price? Cuisine?
          I will say that I am NOT a fan of Josefs.... Fairway has just added an even more extensive array of gf goods....

          1. I was just walking down 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge and I came upon the Ivy Bakery. The owner doesn't always have gluten free bakery items, but she will make them to order and deliver, too.

            I didn't taste anything, but maybe someone else has. The web site is


            Good luck. My husband has celiac so I'm always looking.

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              I went in a few weeks ago. It is GF but not for a sensitive celiac. She has lots of cross contamination and uses mixes ( Bobs I think). I can make that at home.
              Now- a great new discovery is the Pearl Room. I just about cried when I said that I didn't want to go through all of the specials because I had CD and things were usually too risky. She said that they had lots of customers who were gluten intolerant ( she made the connection!!!) and the chef came out and designed exactly what I wanted- amazing! I nearly cried.

            2. I just found this place in Bellmore that ships - as well as located in places around the area - figured i would bump this post....


              1. Back to the Land on 7th Avenue in Park Slope. They're not overpriced and they take coupons. There is also a place in Sheepshead Bay that is an organic grocery store. I don't know the name of the place though.

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                  Don't know the place in Sheepshead Bay, but I wouldn't go out of my way for Back to the Land...

                2. How about GF restaurants in park slope/prospect heights?
                  Also, bars with GF beer?

                  I know that Miracle Grill has a GF menu and Red Bridge beer in a bottle. Good fish tacos (w/ corn tortillas)!


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                    I've never stopped in to ask, but I would bet that Rawstar on Washington Ave (Prospect Heights area) has gluten-free stuff. Most if not all of their stuff is raw, and raw food is often gluten-free.

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                      The Gate on 5th Avenue and 3rd Street (I think) has a gluten free beer.

                    2. I second Park Natural on Court and Union - I used to live near there and found them to be fully-stocked. Also, on 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge there are 2 shops: 1 - Robicelli's Gourmet on 85th Street: they carry organic and gourmet items as well as a large selection of gluten freee items; 2 - Appletree on 78th Street: small, but fully-stocked with organics, gluten-free and health food items.

                      1. I'm gluten free and do most of my shopping at Fairway. I do very well there. I think they are vastly better than Whole Foods for selection. Where they lack substance is in their beer/cider options. No gluten free beers at all, ever, and their cider selection is not so fab either.

                        I also like to make a run to Trader Joe's every so often. They have very well-labeled gluten free items, though you have to find what you like and also the gluten free stuff is spread out throughout the store. I go to the one just over the border from Brooklyn in Rego Park, Queens on Metropolitan Ave, though I hear reports that the one on Court Street is vastly more tolerable than Union Square.

                        I live in Williamsburg and would not especially recommend any restaurants there as particularly celiac friendly. Good luck! Keep safe!

                        1. I'm surprised nobody mentioned Jill's Cafe on Court Street between Baltic and Warren(?). She serves raw and "gently cooked" food for takeout and eat-in (counter and stools only). I took a friend of mine there last week who has a gluten allergy, she had the rice pasta ravioli with butternut squash and bok choy and it was fabulous! Here's an abbreviated menu:


                          My guess is most of the dishes are gluten-free, including the surprisingly good desserts (esp. the chocoloate ones).

                          1. Walked by Robicelli's in Bay Ridge today and saw that they're offering GF sandwiches. They have the Lucy's cookies my son loves.

                            I'll second the Ivy Bakery reccomendation. I've only had her regular stuff, but it's really really good.

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                              They have a number of GF choices- will work my way through them all. Hopefully they will find a following and expand!