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Jul 29, 2007 08:15 AM

Where to buy Octopus?

Does anyone know of anywhere in Central/North NJ that sells octopus? I constantly am able to locate good vendors for squid (best quality so far has actually been wegmans) but I have not been able to find any seafood houses/shops that sell octopus.

I would appreciate any information on any recommended places to try. Thank you.

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  1. According to my Korean friend (I do not eat octopus) it is typically for sale at most good markets catering to Asians. I like the quality and selection at the market attached to Crown Palace on Rt 35 in Middletown, so I would try there.

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    1. re: seal

      They do sell it at Crown Palace, I buy baby octopus there. All the way over against the wall, the refrigerated section. They sell a nice bbq'd eel, too, in the freezer chest.

      1. re: Deb Van D

        Thank you for the info- I think I will have to make a trip down there tonight if the Edison market doesnt carry.

        Thanks again.

    2. Koreans would blanch/steam the octopus and then dip it into a chili vinegar sauce.. I also like it grilled with a mediterranian style dressing of evoo, lemon, garlic, and your herbs of choice..