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Jul 29, 2007 07:56 AM


Last minute, I admit, but I was hoping that Cajun Corner was open past 8 tonight for a little take out. Any reccomendations for delivery in the east end? Danforth and Coxwell area specifically. Asian, Italian, whatevah

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  1. The Family Thai. Their website is not coming up ( but here is their contact info:

    I wrote notes on my take out menu of the items we ordered:

    Thai cold spring rolls - too much lettuce
    Green Mango Salad - good
    Phad Thai - okay but not spectacular
    Gai Yang (Marinated Grilled Chicken) - very good
    Nuer Phad Kraphao (spicy basil beef) - meh

    They have a very extensive menu but I can't seem to find an online copy of it. I am sure they could help you with your order if you call.

    1. I tried the website again and it worked this time!!

      1. The Danforth Dragon is good -- Indian-style Hakka Chinese food.

        Danforth Dragon
        861 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

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          Bona Pasta Pizza. They deliver.

          1. re: cowhound

            I have enjoyed a couple very tasty meals from Bona Pizza since I moved practically next door. I didn't find the pizza soggy like someone mentioned below. the first time I had the California with hot peppers, can't remember exactly what's on it - think red peppers, other veg, and for sure gorgonzola. It had a nice sauce.
            I tried Magic Oven on the way home today. The toppings were good (one veg slice, one tandoori chicken), but the crust is pathetic. Reminded me of soggy Pillsbury Dough (not that I've eaten it in awhile, but I remember what it tastes like).

            1. re: pescatarian

              Your opinion of Magic Oven and mine match perfectly. Horrible pre-fab crust with great toppings.

          2. re: JamieK

            I MUST disagree on this one. Not good at all in my opinion.

            1. re: embee

              embee, I assume you mean you disagree about Danforth Dragon not Bona -- but, it is a little unclear. Me, I hate both equally.

              1. re: Atahualpa

                I was referring to Danforth Dragon.

                I have liked Bona in the past but deliveries from their new location take too long to arrive and aren't good by then. But I can't honestly judge Bona as either good or bad when fresh - it has been too long since I've had one. So I would go back at least once before judging them. Danforth Dragon = never again.

          3. For pizza: I really like Danforth Pizza House (on Danforth at Donlands). Really good simple pizza -- very crisp (almost burnt) crust and really really browned cheese on top. The house special is good, but a plain cheese pizza is best. This is pizza for those who like simple pizzas and think too many topping can ruin a good pizza.

            I really dislike Bona. I know it has received heaps of praise on these boards,but I don't get it. I find the crust consistently lack-luster (no flavour, no crunch/snap, kind soggy and cardboard tasting!). The pizza is baked on a rack or grate (you can see the pattern on the crust) and that might be part of the problem.

            Bona does have lots of really good, interesting, odd toppings. They are really generous with their toppings. I order cheese pizza or Margherita most of the time -- I don't really care about extraordinary toppings.

            For take-away style chinese: Number one is good. It is as good as you could possibly want from a delivery canadian-chinese place. Try the dumplings, the wonton and H&S soups, and the Shanghai noodles. Don't expect more than you should.

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              Ditto on Number One Chinese... It may be greasy Canadian-style Chinese (complete with deep-fried chicken balls in orange sauce), but it's GOOD greasy Canadian-style Chinese. I'm a fan of their singapore and shanghai noodles.

              Mong Kut Thai is also very good (and fairly authentic, actually). They're at Danforth/Pape, so I suspect they'll deliver as far as Coxwell.

              1. re: Atahualpa

                Thanks for the tip on Number One. We wanted to order from Silk Road but they are closed Mondays. I remembered this post and thought we would give Number One a try. I gotta say it was damn good and the price was right. It really hit the spot.

              2. Four words: Jean's Fine Food (and) Catering. It's at 2318 Danforth, between Oak Park and Morton. Amazing, fresh and homemade totally vegetarian fare. Must tries: the mee goreng (not on the menu) and the mango sticky rice.

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                  Thanks so much for your suggestions, I always fall back on the flyers, almost always dissappointing.