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Last minute, I admit, but I was hoping that Cajun Corner was open past 8 tonight for a little take out. Any reccomendations for delivery in the east end? Danforth and Coxwell area specifically. Asian, Italian, whatevah

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  1. The Family Thai. Their website is not coming up (thefamilythai.com) but here is their contact info:


    I wrote notes on my take out menu of the items we ordered:

    Thai cold spring rolls - too much lettuce
    Green Mango Salad - good
    Phad Thai - okay but not spectacular
    Gai Yang (Marinated Grilled Chicken) - very good
    Nuer Phad Kraphao (spicy basil beef) - meh

    They have a very extensive menu but I can't seem to find an online copy of it. I am sure they could help you with your order if you call.

    1. I tried the website again and it worked this time!!


      1. The Danforth Dragon is good -- Indian-style Hakka Chinese food.

        Danforth Dragon
        861 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

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          Bona Pasta Pizza. They deliver.

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            I have enjoyed a couple very tasty meals from Bona Pizza since I moved practically next door. I didn't find the pizza soggy like someone mentioned below. the first time I had the California with hot peppers, can't remember exactly what's on it - think red peppers, other veg, and for sure gorgonzola. It had a nice sauce.
            I tried Magic Oven on the way home today. The toppings were good (one veg slice, one tandoori chicken), but the crust is pathetic. Reminded me of soggy Pillsbury Dough (not that I've eaten it in awhile, but I remember what it tastes like).

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              Your opinion of Magic Oven and mine match perfectly. Horrible pre-fab crust with great toppings.

          2. re: JamieK

            I MUST disagree on this one. Not good at all in my opinion.

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              embee, I assume you mean you disagree about Danforth Dragon not Bona -- but, it is a little unclear. Me, I hate both equally.

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                I was referring to Danforth Dragon.

                I have liked Bona in the past but deliveries from their new location take too long to arrive and aren't good by then. But I can't honestly judge Bona as either good or bad when fresh - it has been too long since I've had one. So I would go back at least once before judging them. Danforth Dragon = never again.

          3. For pizza: I really like Danforth Pizza House (on Danforth at Donlands). Really good simple pizza -- very crisp (almost burnt) crust and really really browned cheese on top. The house special is good, but a plain cheese pizza is best. This is pizza for those who like simple pizzas and think too many topping can ruin a good pizza.

            I really dislike Bona. I know it has received heaps of praise on these boards,but I don't get it. I find the crust consistently lack-luster (no flavour, no crunch/snap, kind soggy and cardboard tasting!). The pizza is baked on a rack or grate (you can see the pattern on the crust) and that might be part of the problem.

            Bona does have lots of really good, interesting, odd toppings. They are really generous with their toppings. I order cheese pizza or Margherita most of the time -- I don't really care about extraordinary toppings.

            For take-away style chinese: Number one is good. It is as good as you could possibly want from a delivery canadian-chinese place. Try the dumplings, the wonton and H&S soups, and the Shanghai noodles. Don't expect more than you should.

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              Ditto on Number One Chinese... It may be greasy Canadian-style Chinese (complete with deep-fried chicken balls in orange sauce), but it's GOOD greasy Canadian-style Chinese. I'm a fan of their singapore and shanghai noodles.

              Mong Kut Thai is also very good (and fairly authentic, actually). They're at Danforth/Pape, so I suspect they'll deliver as far as Coxwell.

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                Thanks for the tip on Number One. We wanted to order from Silk Road but they are closed Mondays. I remembered this post and thought we would give Number One a try. I gotta say it was damn good and the price was right. It really hit the spot.

              2. Four words: Jean's Fine Food (and) Catering. It's at 2318 Danforth, between Oak Park and Morton. Amazing, fresh and homemade totally vegetarian fare. Must tries: the mee goreng (not on the menu) and the mango sticky rice.

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                  Thanks so much for your suggestions, I always fall back on the flyers, almost always dissappointing.

                2. We have always loved the Eden House for Chinese Food. They have relocated to Coxwell near O'Connor, and are better than ever.

                  1. Makkah for an amazing butter chicken (had it last night, in fact!). It's on Danforth, just east of Donalands. Don't think they have a website - I just have the flyer at the house. Delivery is fast, open till 11.
                    Always like Mong Kut Thai - especially Penang Beef. Their delivery is very reliable. Had a really good veg pizza slice from Pizza Nova just by Woodbine on Danforth as well. Never would have gone in there but someone picked it up for me and it had a beautiful thin, slightly crunchy crust with a flavourful sauce....

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                      We recently tried Pizza Nova also and really enjoyed it. Cooked just right! We stopped ordering from Bona the last year or so just wasn't what it used to be.
                      We also like Aji Siah for suishi and Silk Road for chinese. Execellent moo moo's.

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                        Oh yeah, I love Makkah. They have the best tamarind sauce, I also love their curry chicken, and cheap!

                      2. I live in the area and have ordered pizza from Bona, Colombo's, and Pizzaiolo, and the hands-down winner is Pizzaiolo. Nice, crisp, thin crust and great flavour. For take-out, they've usually got assorted slices or can bake a whole one up for you fast. I most recently enjoyed the Bianco (zucchini, feta, and lots of garlic) slice--Is it ever good!

                        Regarding Danforth Dragon -- I have had some so-so dishes there, but some others were great. If you're willing to try a few things, you'll probably discover something you like.

                        On the other hand, Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen is quite a few steps up (excellent quality of ingredients and flavour) if you're willing to go for "mock" meat (don't worry, it's actually quite tasty.) Plus, their diningroom is quite nice for eating in.

                        Makkah near Donlands on the north side of Danforth has excellent Indian food, and it's really quick for take-out, since all the curries are already prepared. A thali with two options plus rice or naan will cost about $5.99, I think.

                        What about shawarma at Champion? It's next on my list to try. Anyone have any feedback/advice?

                        Also, some contributors have recently recommended Quattro 4 Raggazze, so that might be worth a try.

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                          I'm a sucker for the kebab sandwich at Makkah. Make sure you get it rolled up in foil instead of separate elements on a plate. I've had some sort of kebab-ish sandwich at Champion and it was excellent.

                        2. The time has past now but I think one of the considerations in responding to this particular post was the request for food delivery on a Sunday after 8 p.m. So for instance, Quattro Ragazze is not open on Sundays, and they don't deliver. Although it would have been a good suggestion for pick-up.

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                            Thanks for the heads up about Quattro 4 Raggazze not being open on Sunday, but the request specifically states take out in the title. If delivery is all that's wanted, that rules out Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen, and Champion, as well.

                          2. Thai Fusion on Coxwell near O'Connor is pretty good and does take-out and delivery on a Sunday.

                            1. Colombo's on the Danforth, a bit east of Coxwell, north side. Never tried the pizza but they make one of Toronto's best veal sandwiches.

                              1. Number One Chinese is good, reliable take out with reasonable prices. I'm a fan of the honey garlic spareribs and their fried rice.

                                1. I like the pizza from Golden Pizza, east of Woodbine on the Danforth.

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                                    Is there any connection between the Golden Pizza mentioned above and the one on Broadview between Mortimer and Cosburn?

                                    1. re: Brain of J

                                      Not sure (although I did know about both of them). I'll ask them next time I'm in!

                                      1. re: Brain of J

                                        Belatedly, yes, they were part of a chain. There were also locations on Bayview between Davisville and Eglinton, and on Parliament North of Dundas.

                                    2. I realise this is late, but for future reference, Simba Grill on O'Connor and Donlands has excellent East African-style Indian food. They prepare food fresh so be prepared for a wait if you plan to sit in and eat, but they have a website, so you can always call and order beforehand, whether for sit-in or take-out. The pili pili chicken with masala chips, the ugali with spinach (East African dish) and the Sunday special Gujarati veg thali were all great.

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                                      1. re: js288uk

                                        Second that.

                                        Simba Grill
                                        375 Donlands Ave, Toronto, ON M4J3S2, CA

                                        1. re: JamieK

                                          They never seem to be open when I walk by after work.

                                          1. re: pescatarian

                                            There was some talk on another thread that it may have closed. The message on their machine has said that they are closed for a few weeks "for renovations" for about a month and a half now. I fear I may have missed my chance to try their food...

                                            1. re: 11oclockish

                                              noticed a new "Open" sign in Simba Grill's window today as I drove by.

                                              1. re: JamieK

                                                It was open on Sunday afternoon when I walked by.

                                                1. re: pescatarian

                                                  I finally tried Simba Grill. I'm so glad I did. It was fantastic. I will definitely be going back, especially since it's around the corner from me. The owner was really welcoming and friendly and I enjoyed listening to the African music while I sat and waited for my take-out order.
                                                  I ordered the Channa Bateta, which is a mixture of beans, nuts, some sort of little bread pieces, in a sort of spicy tomato based curry dish. Very tasty.
                                                  I also ordered the Ugali with Coconut Curry, which I think I will become addicted to. The Ugali, for those that don't know, is kind of like a polenta but with a white maize, instead of yellow. You're supposed to use it to dip into the curries and eat with (kind of like injeera). On it's own, it's nothing special, but if you put the curry on it, it acts as a sponge and is delicious. The Coconut Curry has spinach and beef in a coconut curry base. The beef was sooooo tender (unlike the chewy beef in the Tandoori Beef at Ali's Tandoori Curry House the other night) and you can really taste the coconut in the sauce. It has that balance and layers of flavour that I am always seeking. The meal came with a little bit of tamarind sauce.
                                                  I will have to try the Mogo (fried cassava) and the somosas when I am in the mood for something fried ;-)
                                                  It wasn't busy when I was there, but he said he gets most of his business on Fridays and Saturdays from the local mosque, later in the evening.
                                                  I suggest trying it out during the week. They are open until 9. I had to wait about 20 min for my order, but everything was made fresh, so it is worth it. You can get a take-out menu and order ahead so that you don't have to wait (I didn't mind though because I happened to have the time).

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                                                    Did you try the beef Samosas? After having them at Simba Grill, my desire to go to Sultan of Samosas dropped right to zero. =)

                                      2. Magic Oven (love their gourmet veggie pizza, tandori pasta)

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                                        1. re: gadgetsue

                                          About 80% of the places mentioned in this thread are on the Danforth and such and not even EY.

                                          I would love to hear about stuff in the Mortimer-Coxwell--Woodbine-Cosburn-O'Connor area, as we are living here temporarily after our house burned up in Riverdale.

                                          1. re: redcoconut

                                            are you interested only in take-out? There are a few options of restaurants and some take out/pick up on this thread -

                                            I've been in the area for a very long time and you need to consider parts of the Danforth for restaurant options if you want to find anywhere decent to eat (unless you're in the Leaside part of old EY). Even before amalgamation, EY extended to Danforth between Main and Woodbine.

                                            1. re: JamieK

                                              Yeah, east of Woodbine I consider this hood. But much of the places mentioned are too west to be thought of part of EY.

                                              I'm interested in any place as long as it isn't too bourgeois, in EY that's good for lunch or dinner. Take out and delivery are also things we are interested in, but doesn't have to be.

                                            2. re: redcoconut

                                              HUGE fan of Paul's Spaghetti on Cosburn, just west of Coxwell. Just used them for giant take-out lasagnes for a party and am still drooling a week later. But the small, neighbourhood feel and the quality of everything is great in my book.

                                              Paul's Spaghetti
                                              488 Cosburn Ave, Toronto, ON M4J2N5, CA

                                              1. re: Julie McCoy

                                                When I went there a year ago, the apps and mains were fine, though nothing special, and the waiter admitted that all the "home-made" desserts were from mixes. That was a tremendous disappointment and made me suspicious about other shortcuts they may take. Haven't been back since.

                                          2. Best take-out (and eat-in) is hands-down, SQUARE BOY - on Danforth & Jones (875 Danforth Avenue).

                                            Order the chicken souvlaki on a bun and fries with gravy.

                                            You're welcome.

                                            - http://foodhogger.wordpress.com/

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                                              I've never seen what was so great about square boy, just another greasy spoon IMO. And they serve fake veal. Plus it's not even in East York.

                                              I've been hearing great things about the rib house. I've only had breakfast there, and it was fine. Have not got to try the ribs yet but heard they are kick ass. For 6 adults the bill came out to roughly $70, this was with beer and coffees.

                                              1. re: redcoconut

                                                I'd never even think of setting foot in Square Boy. Maybe it's good, foodhogger's blog seems to have some decent restaurants reviewed on it. But I didn't find a review of Square Boy.

                                            2. My biggest recommendation (if you have a car -- they do take-out) is Paul's Spagetti. Amazing food with good value. Look them up in the yellow pages. I believe they're open until 11pm tonight.