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Jul 29, 2007 06:45 AM

Where to buy Val de Rance French Cider


I have been buying Val de Rance french cider in Hong Kong on business trips there. Does anyone know if it is available any place in the US? I looked online but could only find French and Asian sites. Thank you!


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  1. i don't think you can get this in the usa. there are many good ciders available here depending on what state you're in. look for dupont, bordelet, and drouhin for french ciders or try farnum hill from new hampshire. you may find on of these to be to your liking.

    1. I've never seen it in this country, but you can always email them and ask if they sell their cider in the US. The email address is

      Or, try Eric Bordelet and Famile Dupont.


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        When/if in Paris near Montmartre you can pick up Val de Rance ciders at La Cave des Abbesses, a great little wine shop specializing in small producers (many organic, but far from exclusively) with a small and casual wine bar in the back.