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Jul 29, 2007 12:57 AM

Per Se dinner in November for birthday

Would like to take my girlfriend, I think, to Per Se. Is wine shoved down your throat there, or can you simply decline wine and stick with sparkling water? I am sure if we said we were under 21 (do they even check ID?), they'd comply, no? I don't want to start a ruckus, but neither of us simply love wine. And it's not going to change by going to Per Se - we've lived in Provence for some time and our feelings are the same.

Also, I'm allergic to all seafood. Will they take that into account and substitute dishes? I'm also very picky - most vegetables I don't like. Yeah, yeah, I know: horrible, but these things won't change by a visit to Per Se.

I really want to take her to the best, we're flying back from West Palm on the 26th and then I want a reservation for the next day (November). Are reservations really as hard as they say? I read Bruino's review; he had to try for a week and my date is not flexible! Any ideas on getting a table? I know she'll love it there and the money isn't an issue.

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  1. No they don't pour wine down your throat. I have never been to any restaurant that does. Per Se is all about what YOU want. You don't have to lie about your age. You just say you don't want wine.

    Yes they will adapt their menu to your allergies and likes and dislikes.They're very good about that. I'm sure if you tell them in advance they will be fine about the seafood. As for "most vegetables" that might be a problem as you are getting many many courses.

    I can't remember what their reservations policy is. Why don't you call there now to find out about when to book for November and your food issues. If you are willing to go there for lunch (the same menu) you might improve your chances of getting in.

    Good Luck!

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      call Per Se 2 months to the day ahead of your intended res---and yes, they'll be flexible with the amazing experience awaits you.

    2. I've only been to French Laundry, but I'm betting they will accommodate your seafood allergy -- just mention it up front. They will not care if you decline wine (no explanation necessary) but consider doing the non-alcoholic pairings, which include grape juices and craft sodas.

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        A and W-

        Is the non-achoholic pairings a French Laudnry thing? I'm not sure they do that at Per Se (If so they've never offered it to us).

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          Possibly, though it would surprise me if they did at one and not the other. Did you ask?

      2. I believe that PS has special fruit (non-alcoholic) drinks they can pair with your tasting menu if you'd like.

        1. Yes they do a incredible non-alcoholic food pairings. I've gone too a number of wine dinners at Perse and my wife doesn't drink wine. Call them in advance and tell them you would like the non-alcoholic pairing. It's a bargain at $25. Some people like the non-alcoholic pairings better then the wines.

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            as everyone said, they are really accommodating. they do not push wine, and they do have a non-alcoholic drink pairing if you'd like it (it looks really interesting). even if you just want tap water to drink, they will give you whatever you want without any hassle at all. they will ask you about any dining restrictions you have, and can adjust the menu accordingly. my husband and i had the most fantastic experience at Per Se, I hope you both enjoy!

          2. The original comment has been removed