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Jul 28, 2007 09:49 PM

Fiance's birthday weekend eating in Baltimore.

I took my Fiance to The Chameleon Cafe this evening for her birthday and I have to say that it was as outstanding this time as it was the last time (a number of months ago we tried the Chameleon for the first time). We went all out - we both had appetizers (calamari and lamb ribs), I had the watercress soup and she had the grilled salad and for entrees I had the scallops (small portion of scallops and lots of German dumplings?) and she had the Hanger steak. When I made the reservation I told them it was her birthday and they put a candle on her dessert which was some kind of pretty and delicious chocolate cake. We had coffee with dessert (the coffee is really good - it's Zack's or Zeek's?). Other drinks consisted of sodas and a glass of wine. The bill was $105 - which I think is very reasonable considering the high quality of the food and the fact that we walked out of there like a couple of stuffed pigs.

Tomorow we head to Miss Shirley's in Roland Park for brekfast/lunch with her daughter and granddaughter.

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  1. This is the original poster. We just returned from Miss Shirley's in Roland Park. The food was spectacular, but we had to wait forever to be seated (everybody in the world was there this Sunday for lunch) and then it took a long time for the food to arrive. It's a great place to eat if you don't mind a mob scene on the weekend - and the dining room is loud with so many people there at once. Maybe I'd like it more during the week when it's not so overwhelming. Another thing - it drives me crazy when a Server asks me if I want a refill on my soda and then takes my glass away from me before bringing the new drink. I learned not to do that when I waited tables years ago in Waiting Tables 101.

    1. Also enjoyed dinner here Sat night w/ wife, her best friend, and her fiance - first time for all. We split a nice cheese plate and the tasy charcuterie; 2 hanger steaks, lamb loin (like buttah), and 3 extra large, perfectly caramelized scallops; and 2 very affordable reds - malbec and S.African pinotage. Too stuffed for dessert - $170 before tip. Definite 4 thumbs up - but all agreed, a little improvement needed with walls & curtains.