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I'm working on an article and am curious what Calgarians consider to be the best of Calgary.

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When you have a friend or family member coming to visit from out of town for a weekend and they want to experience Calgary, where do you take them to eat?

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  1. Capo is great ! but you can find it in any big city. River Cafe is # 1 for that great tourist experience with excellent service & exceptional local organic food experience. My favorite dining experience for bringing visitors is Brava Bistro. Great people watching inside & out, great music & mood, service is always friendly, food very bistro (comfort food that i could eat every day.(& i do eat a couple times a week)) Being on 17th ave. on a weekend night at Brava Bistro i think their is no better place to see Calgary.

    1. Vue Cafe for lunch, most def.

      1. Moti Mahal (14th Street & 17th Avenue location only)
        Los Mariachis (Mexican)
        Fantino (Good mix of hispanic food)

        Too many to choose!!

        1. For out of town guests, it's hard to top a "Calgary" experience like River Cafe, or Caesar's. Personally, i take every guest that comes in to Tazza for Shawarma, Buchanans for a burger, Manuel Latruwe for breakfast, Pfanntastic Pannenkoek House for Sunday brunch, and the Currie Barracks Farmer's Market for weekend strolling (with a stop at Phil and Sebastiens for my weekly coffee). Nothing that definitively says "CALGARY!", but to me, a good representation of the great diversity in food that Calgary has to offer.

          Hmm, yeah, i guess im a bit of a yuppie :)

          1. I think one of the golden rules is that they have to try the Alberta Beef (assuming they are from out of the province). So to Caesars or even grilling the meat at home is a must.

            Dim Sum - U&Me, Peking Garden for Northern style. Chinese dinner, Harbour City.

            Thought I'd offer some suggestions a bit off the path of what's being offered so far in this thread.

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