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Jul 28, 2007 09:13 PM

Where can one purchase Plymouth Gin in MTL?

I know, I know. Ever since I joined the board I keep asking and asking. Never once answered. Ha ha! But coming from small town USA, I really don't have a lot to say about your (and now about to be mine) wonderful city... Yet... Give me a few months and then see.


I am a big fan of dry gin martinis, and I just learned that (to my surprise) SAQ doesn't stock this wonderful spirit. I also checked online. Perhaps this might be an obvious question for the locals, so forgive me if this sounds stupid, but how do you procure such elixirs that are not stocked by the SAQ monopoly? Are there other secret liquor stores? Online vendors? Or do I have to go back to Bombay? Muchos merci!

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  1. The SAQ has stocked it in the past. In all likelihood, they're either awaiting a new shipment or have decided sales weren't strong enough to keep it in stock (which would be a pity, since it's my all-around favourite). In the meantime, the LCBO (Ottawa, not Hawkesbury unfortunately) is your closest Canadian option. You might also find it in Burlington or Plattsburg.

    The SAQ does have Hendrick's, by the way.

    1. I think you answered your own question!? If the SAQ monoply doesn't carry it then most likely nobody else will have it. Not even sure how that works in grocery stores that carry certain wines & some generic brands of peach schnapps etc. I've even seen some type of cheap flavoured vodka (they wrote about it the wkend Gazette~ something along the lines of not being distilled it's just the barley or malt flavour)

      As for your treasured Plymouth Gin you might have to cross the nearest border to Plattsburg or Vermont (but then u have to deal with customs if haven't stayed over for 48 hours) Better yet when The SAQ was on strike people crossed over to the Ontario border to the nearest LCBO & what do u know they do stock the Plymouth Gin tada here it is:

      Good Luck in your search and your upcoming move!