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Jul 28, 2007 07:44 PM


My son and I will be looking at Emory in August and will be in Atlanta for two nights. We will eating on campus for Monday lunch but are looking for a great spot near Emory (Is that the Decateur neighbourhood?) for Sunday evening. My son likes sushi, steak, seafood, pizza, Italian and the basics. We are staying in Buckhead and are looking for spots for lunch and dinner on Saturday.Thanks in advance.

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  1. Come to Emory, it's great!

    That being said... Dinner near Emory - you could go to Everybody's for pizza which is walking distance from campus and a student favorite. There is also Mediterranean Grill (hummus, kabob, etc) which is good but also casual. There are a few restaurants in the shopping center next to Med Grill that are ethnic and some are supposed to be good. The Virginia-Highlands neighborhood is near Emory and has a TON of great restaurants - Murphy's, Noche, Sala. . .

    For Buckhead, I would look around on this board - lots of people have recommended Buckhead restaurants in other threads.

    1. Saturday night Floataway Cafe is inbetween Emory and Buckhead, Sunday night is tough a lot of restaurants are closed but Restaurant Eugene runs a special Sunday night dinner that is awesome.
      Have a great time in Atlanta!

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        Lauren and Kat, thanks for the suggestions. We are really looking forward to our visit and have been forewarned about the heat.

      2. I live down the street and around the corner from Emory U., and there are lots of choices within a short driving distance of the campus at the intersection of North Decatur and Clairmont, including an okay Italian place (can't remember the name right now - sorry!). Downtown Decatur has lots of great little spots centered around the square. The Flying Biscuit in Candler Park (a hop, skip, & a jump from campus at the intersection of Clifton Rd. & Maclendon Dr.) is open on all weekend for brunch through dinner - it's recently been franchised, but is a pretty good bet for inexpensive comfort food. The original Fellini's Pizza in Buckhead on Peachtree Street is a fun place to get a slice and a salad, with fountains & outdoor dining. Plus the Garden Hills Cinema is right there, too, for an indie film. Enjoy your stay in Atlanta!