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Jul 28, 2007 07:15 PM

Loteria Westsiiiiiede?

A little bird told me that the city's finest taqueria, Loteria, has signed a lease at the Brentwood Country Mart - specifically, that they've claimed the former soft-serve, orange bang and lotto ticket stand.

They've papered over the glass and begun demolition inside the space. If the bird is correct and Loteria is coming to Brentwood, I will have lost yet another of my iron-clad reasons for venturing east of La Cienega in search of food.

Anyone able to confirm (or deny) this planned Loteria outpost?

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  1. I'm confused from your post. Which one is it actually going to be: the city's finest taqueria, or the ho-hum Lotería Grill?

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    1. re: Woolsey

      haha. cha-ching.

      i'd rather head a bit south and grab a choprizo/cheese taco at tacos por favor.

    2. About a year ago I heard that Loteria was going into the Brentwood Country Mart. The former Juice Bar might make sense as it is now shuttered. OTOH, City Bakery is such a disaster that it might go there. I am so sad at what has become the BCM. What has JR done? There are 2 reliable venues: Reddi-Chick and Barney's Burgers. So sad.

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      1. re: maudies5

        Woolsey, you're right. Loteria isn't necessarily the finest in the city, but it is consistent, sanitary, culinarily complex, and frequently outstanding.

        And Maudies5, Reddi-Chic is still doing it right, but the BCM Barneys is generally not very good. A look in the back door confirms why the food often tastes kind of "off." The place is in shambles within 3 hours of opening, they keep erratic hours (that vary from posted hours), and the cooks don't seem to care that someone is going to have to eat what they're preparing. If you can, you should try the other B-wood location which puts far more care into what they serve.

        City Bakery's food is good. Say what you will about the ponderous waste of space, the lack of a decent queuing system, the too-small, half-filled coffees, and the $3.50 croissants. It's a little known fact that they give unlimited free refills on lemonade, arnold palmers, alice palmers (my fave) and the country lemonard (an acquired taste). They do a lot of business, and I say they're going to make it.

        1. re: techbod

          Lotería Grill has always struck me as the bastard lovechild of King Taco and Border Grill, sort of what a taqueria would be like as run by Mary Sue Miliken and Susan Feniger (but someone else got smart and beat them to it).

          1. re: techbod

            Agree that the Barney's location on San Vicente is much much better than the one at the BCM. I am not optimistic about City Bakery's longevity in that huge space. Bring back Marjan's Deli!!!!!

        2. I thought Loteria was opening a big resto (140+ seats?) on Hollywood Boulevard, in the space of one of my old, favorite used book stores (all gone now). ?

          1. The original comment has been removed