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Jul 28, 2007 06:37 PM

Peter Luger- Pecan Pie/Chocc Mousse or Apple Strudel??

I am going to my favorite restaurant for my bday tomorro Peter Luger!!!! I need to know which is the best for dessert. I finally decided I will pass on my favorite Holy Cow sundae for one of these lighter options. Which is the best? Are the slices large and do they vary according to what dessert you order?? I have heard all are great .. but most reviews mention pecan and apple strudel the most.

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  1. No way that warmed pecan pie mit schlagg is a "lighter option". In fact, in its way it's the heaviest item you mention- but that's my personal favorite. We order that and a piece of mousse cake and/or cheescake for the table with a bunch of forks and collectively dive into all of them. And Happy Birthday!

    1. I'm not usually a fan of pecan pie, but my little sister got the pecan pie when we went to Peter Luger's last year, and it was fantastic. It had a nice flavor I couldn't identify that took it out of the usual stcky-sweet realm I dislike with pecan pie. Bourbon? Really good vanilla? Nutmeg? I couldn't tell, but I say go for it.

      I had the Strawberries w/schlagg, which were tasty, but I have cravings for the pecan pie. I also crave the expense account that brought us the meal in the first place. Sigh.

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        Thank a lot to both of you! I usually am not a huge fan of pecan pie either since its usually oversweet and its basically just pecans on top of custard. But I am sure Luger's does it right. You say they have a distinct taste so I think I am gunna go for it!

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          Tried the pecan pie and it was really good but still not as good as the Holy COw. Good change of pace though. My mom and dad split it and I tasted it. Oh yeah and I had the sundae also!!!! Next time its gunna be the chocolate mousse cake....

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            Like I said, we get a few desserts for the table and split them up Chinese-restaurant style. A little tougher to do that with the sundae.

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              ur right and if you havent had the chance to try the sundae yet get it. It is by far and away the best dessert they have and they will give you extra spoons. thanks for the rec tho everything was wonderful as always at pl

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            Perhaps those are actual pecans that make it taste so good. As opposed to corn syrup goo.

            1. re: KateC.

              It was more like something in the base gooey-ness itself, though the pecans were roasty-delicious as well. Usually I pick off the pecans and eat them alone, but the base in the PL pie had some sort of better flavor and texture than what I've had in the past. I wish they gave out recipes.

          3. the chocolate mousse cake is good. but the best is their cheesecake!