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Mexican food in or near West Hollywood?

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Would like to eat Mexican food tonight, staying in West Hollywood. We don't want to drive too far and would need to be at a restaurant that does not require reservations. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Does it have to be good Mexica food? There's El Coyote for a fun time, Marix, El Carmen (great tequila selection, very short menu for actual food), El Compadre, Gardens of Taxco. None of these have great food, but they're all fun and i don't think you would need a reservation. I'd choose El Coyote out of all of these.

    1. There's also Loteria in the Farmer's Market. I always enjoy the food there, and you can grab a couple cold ones too.

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        Well we'd prefer if the food is good. We ate in Yamashiro last night so we'd like to have a better meal. What about Frida's?

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          That's a good idea, especially when compared to all of the other places in WeHo.


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            Yeah, if you're open to driving outside of West Hollywood, that would be a much better choice.

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            Went to Frida last night actually -- it was very good, but not really authentic Mexican. If you're looking for a hole-in-the-wall check out Los Tacos. El Coyote is disgusting, you're way better off at El Compadre.