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Jul 28, 2007 05:32 PM

24 Hour Reno, Nevada

I've glanced around the boards a bit and I couldn't seem to find what I was looking for, so I'll just ask.

Me and my friends are all pretty much nocturnal. We often find ourselves out late at night with nowhere good to eat. What are the best food places in Reno that are open 24 hours? Any good pizza places? Or any other type of food as well... we could really use some variety.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.... Thanks! :)

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  1. I can sympathize, your options are pretty limited in Reno after 10. For pizza I would try Pub and Sub on Ralston. Also Blue Moon on California and Blind Onion on N McCarren are open later. It may be not be considered 'good' food but the Gold n Silver downtown on 4th street is my favorite 2 AM spot. Flowing Tide also serves later and has a few locations around town.

    1. If you're downtown, try the Nugget Diner in the Nugget Casino, 233 N Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502 ยท 775-323-0716. They're open 24 hours per day, and are famous as being home of the Awful-Awful burger. Rumor has it their prime rib is good, too.

      Inexpensive, and a sinful pleasure.

      Here's a link to a review:


      1. What, ya young whippersnapper. Cal Neva ain't good enough for ya? Back in my day we ate at Cal Neva and we liked it. We LOVED It. (should be read with Dana Carvey's impersonation in mind)
        Yeah, too bad Landum's isn't still around. Nothing like a chili cheese omlette at 2 a.m.
        I stopped by for breakfast one morning at the Nugget diner at about 6:30 a.m. and it was closed. I'm not sure if it's 24 hours any more.
        It's gonig to be hard to beat the casinos.

        1. The only thing I can add to what's already been suggested is Cafe Bella Sera, which is open from 4 pm - 5am. I've never been, but it's received some good reviews, so it might be worth checking out.

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            Cafe Bella Sera closed about six weeks ago.

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              Oops, I obviously hadn't heard, thanks for the update. Guess I'll never get to try it now.