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Jul 28, 2007 04:57 PM

Tru Dessert Tasting

I've given in to the hype and I'm making dessert tasting reservations at Tru for my party of six Saturday night. It's going to be my first time at Tru.

Given my Tru inexperience, what should I expect for for dessert? How many courses are there and how stuffed do you feel when you leave? I'm attempting to plan an earlier dinner, and I'm wondering how "light" I should make it in preparation for the 10:30pm tasting.

Also, regarding the "jackets only" dress code, should l wear a tie with my blazer? What would be typical Tru attire for a late-evening dessert tasting? It's a multigenerational group with both teenagers and boomers...

Thanks for your help.

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  1. There are nominally 5 courses, but it's actually about 10 or so, if you include all the amuses, the truffles, the mignardises, and the snack to take's a TON of dessert. Plus, each "main" dessert tends to have two components, AND they serve two different sets of dessert (alternating between members of the party) for each course. So if you're tasting your neighbor's dessert as well as your own, and you choose a reasonable selection of mignardises, you could taste more than 20 desserts. If you select an UNreasonable number of mignardises, it could be more than 30. Eat lightly...a nice salad should be enough, and should make you feel less decadent.

    As for dress, we went as a group of young women, and all wore little black dresses. I think dresses or nice skirts would be appropriate (or suits, if the ladies so desired). For men..I can't speak as clearly to it, but why not wear a tie? It's a special occasion.

    1. Anyone been recently? I went about 4 years ago but am wondering if anything has changed or would love to hear any recent reviews.

      Thanks for the input.

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        I have never done the dessert tasting so if that is what you are asking about, I can't help. As far as Tru in general, I've been twice in the last 6+ months and it is as good as its ever been, IMHO. One of my top three in Chicago.

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          Anyone? Also interested as we love dessert but don't want to commit to a big tasting menu for dinner *and* dessert. We thought about the Chocolate Bar at the Peninsula, but are more interested in really delicious food.

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            My friend and I went to Tru in fall of 2010 for the dessert tasting. We sat in the lounge area, order a nice soup which was served in Versace cups. The service, soup and desserts were fabulous. A real splurge. I also splurged on a box of Tru truffles which I would recommend.