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Jul 28, 2007 04:33 PM

Polycarbonate knife blocks

Saw this on "Shopping with Chefs". It has a brush like interior without slots, so you can put any knife in anywhere. Does anyone know where to buy these--the website was not informative. TIA

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  1. Talking about this, I think? Kapoosh knife block. I've seen it at Bed Bath and Beyond. Don't buy there without 20% off coupon that they give out like candy (we get them every week in the mail seems like).

    It's an interesting idea IMO, but at our house we use a magnetic strip to hang knives on the wall. Counter space is at a premium.

    1. Thanks CrazyOne--that's exactly what I want! I'll be descending on BBand B tomorrow armed with my coupon! My magnetic knife strip is in a cabinet that has recently become my flour/grain/sugar/baking cabinet, and a new solution is due.
      Thanks again.

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      1. re: mnosyne

        I've had my eye on this one, you might want to check it out, too:

        Pricier, but hey...

        1. re: healthyscratch

          Thanks! I saw this website yesterday--it's snazzy, but as you say, pricey.

      2. I don't like any knife blocks as there is bacteria building up inside the matter how well you clean the knives the block is sitting on the kitchen counter and stuff will get inside the slots.I saw an ad for a knife block that had magnetic plates on the inside of the wood and all you have to do is place your knife on the out side of the block.It is made by messermeister.Abiut $60.00

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        1. re: big john

          The Kapoosh block mentioned above has a removable interior that can be tossed into the dishwasher--it is a polycarbonate brush, essentially. But thanks for your comments.

        2. I actually own one of the Kapoosh knife blocks. Got it at BBBeyond with the 20% off coupon about a year ago. Personally I'm not that thrilled with it. The polycarbonate, despite what the packaging says, will scratch & dull your knives. It's great for sticking smaller, inexpensive knives for quick access (e.g. I throw all my paring knives in there). But I definitely don't put my $200 chef's knife in. Also with the bigger knives, they get stuck in the polycarbonate pieces so it's a little dangerous trying to pull them out.

          1. I've got one of these and I am really unhappy with it. It worked ok for about a couple of months but then the polycarbonate started getting mangled up and now it's almost impossible to insert any knife fully. I keep my knives sharp so in addition the individual 'sticks' started marking from the blade.

            I've got a magnetic strip at our summer cabin which works far better.