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Jul 28, 2007 04:04 PM

Anticuchos in Montreal

I was walking by Jeanne Mance Park last Sunday when we saw a Peruvian festival. We had to stop and go into the area of the festival because the smell of the wonderful food. Very glad we did! Highlight of the evening: Anticuchos, grilled beef heart kebabs. I had no idea beef heart could be that tender and tasty, and the marinade was fantastic. It was worth a very long wait. The restaurant making the anticuchos is a place called Chicos on St. Laurent (6000 block). I haven't had a chance to check it out, does anyone else know if they make the Anticuchos at the restaurant? And are there other places that serve this dish? If you haven't tried this yet, do so, they are so tasty!

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  1. La Selva, on Marie-Anne and St-André, used to and quite possibly still does. When properly prepared, they're a beef lover's delight.

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      Ahh, thank you carswell, you are truly a wealth of knowledge! we montrealais are lucky to have you roaming amongst us...

    2. La Selva is a very pleasant little resto as well. Anyone been there recently?

      I could check out Chicos if you wish, but it is one of those garishly-lit places - since I live not far from there I'd be inclined to get their food as takeaway. I thought they were most specialised in fish and mariscos.

      Beef heart (and veal heart etc) can be very tasty, the trick is getting them tender enough.

      1. FWIW, Mochica on St-Denis also has an appetizer anticuchos de corazon (veal heart) at $6 a shot.

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          Thanks for the link, I took a look at the website. Has anyone eaten at Mochica? It looks a little pricy but if it's good food, I'll give it a go.

          Lagatta, if the anticuchos are as good as the ones they served in the park, then they are very tender indeed. i was pleasantly surprised, as i am used to fighting with kebobs...

        2. The place on St-Laurent near St-Zotique is called Chicho's. I'm not sure if the have anticuchos on the menu, but I do know that the food there is quite good.

          One place that does have anticuchos and very good ones is Melchorita on St-Dominique in Vlilleray. The rest of their menu is really goood too. The only dish I haven't liked there was the goat, and that's not because it wasn't tasty, but more because of the infant-sized portion I got for a man-sized price I paid.

          Chicho's Restaurant
          6580 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2S3C6, CA

          Restaurant Melchorita
          7901 Rue Saint-Dominique, Montreal, QC H2R1X8, CA

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            So it's called 'anticuchos'? I just happen to be by Chico's earlier today & dropped in just to check their menu for their 'grilled beef hearts kebabs.' I couldn't locate it. If it's not on their menu, I could still ask for it(as a off-the-menu item)? What's the approx. cost for the dish?

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              I don't remember what it cost, but it was on par with the rest of the menu. I think it was quite reasonable.

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                Thanks. What else is very good at Chicho's? Probably be dining there sometime in next couple of days.

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                  I wasn't talking about Chicho's. I was talking about Melchorita. Like I said in the previous post, I don't know if they have them at Chicho's.

                  As for the menu at Chicho's I've never anything but fish when I've been there and it was always good. One thing I do not recommend is the Al Macho. The otherwise delicious fried fish comes drenched in a greasy yellow mayonnaise sauce. I would avoid that, or just ask for the sauce on the side.

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                    Melchorita is near-by to Chicho's? If I can't find the anticuchos at Chicho's, I could check out Melchorita. Or I can check out the anticuchos at both places.

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                      Tried the anticuchos at Chicho's today, Honestly I was very disappointed(being honest here). It was dry, tough, & not too tasty.

          2. Well worth a try, I found very good Peruvian at Villa Wellington in Verdun (or is it Lasalle). Their Anticuchos are well marinated and very tasty. It reminded me of La Selva when Ciro used to cook there. Their Lomo Saltado is overly generous, and tasty, despite needing more vinegar in the sauce.

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              Thanks. Always welcome recommendations. I was very reluctant to post my critical comments of Chicho's on their anticuchos, but I said I was going to try their anticuchos very soon.

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                I stopped by to check Chicho's out tonight (I live across the street), but the place looked abandoned, and no one answered when I phoned. I'm more interested in trying the sea-food, but I'm going with some friends this weekend so I'll ask for some reviews!