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Jul 28, 2007 03:20 PM

Best fresh corn in Chicago?

We've just moved to Chicago, and are trying to work out the best places to buy various ingredients. We've bought fresh corn on the cob at a couple of farmers' markets - last week at the market on Broadway and Melrose, and today at the Green market. In both cases the texture was good, but the corn wasn't nearly as sweet as it might be. Where should we be going?

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  1. I think it's still a little early for the best corn, and much of it was planted later than usual this year, apparently. Your best bet will definitely be the farmer's markets. One thing to remember, especially if you moved here from the East Coast, is that our varieties of corn are different from what you may be used to.

    1. In my opinion you need to get west of the city for the best sweet corn. I purhase mine from a roadside farmstand in Norway Illinois,(approx 70 miles west of Chicago) this corn is typically pulled from the field the same morning I purchase it.. Never a bad ear, and the sweetest I have found. Not many farmers markets in the city or suburbs can say the same.

      1. Mush of the farmers Market Corn sold here is actually from Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, etc.

        I always look forward to the straight-from-the-farm goods at the Wisonsin State Fair. The ultra fresh corn, iced cold regular, chocolate, cherry, strawberry milk (oh soooo goood), meat products, etc, are night and day from your local grocer varieties.

        The Wisonsin State Fair from August 2-12 is in West Allis, Wisconsin...about a 65 minute drive from downtown Chicago.

        If you're not familiar with State Fairs, this one is definitely worth a visit. There's something for everyone national acts, bands, etc., local talent shows (always entertaining), Wisconsin Beer, fun in the sun, farm animal competitions and much more.