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Jul 28, 2007 03:05 PM

Where to eat after my city hall wedding??

I am getting married at city hall in about a month. After a group of about 10 will go out to dinner.

I have a few places in mind (Del Posto, Veritas, Gramercy) but...

I would love to hear some Chowhound's opinions on where a good place would be to have a great meal in an intimate setting to celebrate this one in a lifetime moment???

Ideally, somewhere not too crowded, quiet, and of course delicious.

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  1. Il Giglio is pretty close to City's old-school NYC Italian: big pieces of paremesan and fried zucchini, etc served gratis at the beginning, delicious shrimp fra diavolo, caesar salad, etc...delicious but not's quiet enough and romantic...maybe 100/person including wine and dessert...

    Wherever you go, i'd recommend at least checking it out first in person (wander in one night just to take a peek and make a reservation) as you want to make sure it's right for you...

      1. re: Will4Food

        Chanterelle has a very formal dining room, not intimate.

        1. Fleur de Sel serves delicious contemporary French cuisine and has an excellent wine list. Service is pleasant and professional. The space is small with decor that combines warmth and sophistication.