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Jul 28, 2007 03:05 PM

Cape May - anniversary dinner

For the past 12 years, we are in Cape May with our family the week of our anniversary. This year is a big one - 25th. We used to LOVE Daniel's and have not found a new favorite since it closed.

We've done most of the usual fine dining suspects: Washington Inn (too stuffy, plus we have a GREAT bottle of wine to take), 410 Bank (lost it luster 10 yrs ago), Black Duck (great food, but not romantic enough), Union Park (went last year, OK, not great), Peter Shields (went with M-in-L few years ago, seemed to be an older crowd - we are only 45).

We have a few ideas, but need some recent recommendations:
- Monkfish Grill (went into Daniels old space)?
- Ebbitt Room at Virginia (it's not BYOB, so that's holding us back)
- Godmothers - is atmosphere romantic enough?

Other suggestions? (don't say the Lobster House - not my thing, although I love fish)


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  1. We ate at the Ebbitt Room last month and I would definitely recommend it - great food, romantic atmosphere - however, I actually found it to be stuffier than The Washington Inn....

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      Well GMothers is NOT fancy at all, but its BYOB. Food is good though. Lobster House is Not romantic. Its loud and fishy. I love the outside deck but dont care for inside. We just ate at Aleathea's at the Inns of Cape May. Was nice. Piano player, but inside dining room smelled musty. I liked the Merion Inn better. Thats a nice place to try and was romantic.

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        Second Merion Inn! Ask for a two top by the front window when you reserve.

    2. I don't find monkfish or godmothers to be very romantic - more like family places, in my experience. You should consider Frieda's, Backstreet McGlades, or Louisa's. They are all BYOB. Enjoy your dinner, wherever you go. By the way, the beach way down by the jetty is a very romantic at sunset....

      1. After having enjoyed many restaurants in Cape May over the last 15 years, we finally tried Tisha's on the beach last August. It was fabulous. Beautifully prepared food, lovely service. Go at sunset. Have been to the Ebbitt Room 3 times and found it not as good as it had been in years past. But drinks in the piano lounge at the Virginia Hotel or on the porch are highly recommended.

        1. My wife and I have live in Somers Point and know the area restaurants pretty well, and we share your thoughts on the restaurants you mentioned. Daniels used to be our favorite too. Monkfish Grill is in Daniel's old spot and is quite good, also have live music (jazz) most nights. Ebbit Room in our opinion is overrated. Merion Inn is our favorite place to stop in for cocktails, and they have an outstanding piano player, but the food is just OK, nothing special.

          If you don't mind driving a short distance, our absolute hands down favorite in the area is Sea Salt in Stone Harbor, small husband and wife BYO. Incredibly creative young Argentinan chef.