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Jul 28, 2007 02:52 PM

Eye of Round or Sirloin tip Roast? Help!

I need help from all the meat experts out there. I have a delicious recipe for beef tenderloin that is butterflied and filled with proscuitto, parmesan and rosemary. You brown the meat and stick in the oven to braise in beef broth and marsala. We stopped at a meat wholesale store today and picked up a nice piece of eye of round and a sirloin tip roast. Which of these cuts would be the most tender for the recipe above? We decided not to splurge on the tenderloin this time. Can anyone help? Thanks so much!

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  1. Not an expert, but in my experience, eye of round is one tough customer. I'd go with the sirloin tip, for both flavor and texture.

    1. You are not going to turn an eye of round or sirloin tip roast into a tender cut by rolling it in prosciutto, etc. If you braise it long enough it will be edible, but I just can't trust any recipe that calls for braising a tenderloin.

      1. The eye of round is usually more tender than a sirloin tip. Look at the "face" of the sirloin tip, you will see a thin opaque line, that line is very tough.

        Eye of round is not as tender as tenderloin, slice on a diagional to "shorten" the long muscle fibers.