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Jul 28, 2007 02:50 PM

Birthday Dinner Suggestions?


I would like to take my wonderful husband out to dinner tomorrow night for his b-day and am looking for something in the Metro-West area thats nice and fun, but not one of our usual haunts. If fact I'd like to add some new restaurants to our list. We're bringing the kids, too (8 and 11) but they are well behaved and adventurous, so I would not rule out a geared to adults restaurant. Our favorites are Oishii II, Kuzina, and Lotus Blossom. We've been to Tuscan Grill, Elephant Walk and Blue Ginger.


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  1. 51 Lincoln in Newton has gotten very good reviews here and elsewhere.

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      Thanks, we will be checking that out in future, maybe for the anniversary coming up next month.

      The birthday boy was in a sushi mood, so since Oishii II was closed for vacation, we decided to try the Chestnut Hill Oishii. (I tried to steer him to Fugakyu since we haven't tried it, but no go.) It was excellent, but interestingly some of the flavors were a little different. My daughter's chicken yaki udon had a little curry flavor that is not there in the Sudbury yaki udon. She slurped it up just as happily, though. Also, the gyoza came with a different sauce. We were also surprised that the space was so much smaller.

      Cheers and thanks for the rec.