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Jul 28, 2007 02:35 PM

Capone Foods -- what do you get?

Now that Capone has opened in N. Cambridge, it is that much easier to stop in. But it seems I always end up walking out with ravioli and not much else. Does anyone have recommendations for things they like to pick up there?

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  1. I shop at the Bow Street location. I love their veggie lasagna and try to keep that stocked for those nights I can't cook. I love the lemon fresh pasta, and have them cut it thinly. I can't resist the spicy Sicilian olives, or the French goat cheese. My father stocks up on the flat bottom meatballs, and seems to eat quite a few of those each month. I think he just loves the idea of flat bottoms.

    For a special treat, I buy the ricotta which is wonderful when purchased on Wednesday- delivery day. And when I have a large number of people to dinner, the cannolli kits are marvelous.

    I find the dough of the tortellini a little too thick for my preferences, but I do love the ravioli, and buy it when I am putting up roasted tomato sauce in late August when romas are cheap.

    Finally, my pantry always has their 'house' olive oil.

    1. I just dropped in the other day and had a lovely time tasting the various balsamics, and discussing the various options with the proprietress. I ended up with the Vantia brand ($15), and have really enjoyed it so far. We got some of the fresh mushroom linguini, which was absolutley delicious, as well as some artichoke ravioli. There's lots of stuff there I'd love to try, but I can't have cheese, so that puts me at a disadvantge in their prepared foods department. I plan on picking up a package of their frozen white clam sauce next time I'm in.

      Funny moment last time we were there: we complimented the woman who runs that location on the new space, etc, and she said that she hoped we'd come back since her husband runs the other location, and the two of them are very competitive (of course, in a friendly way), and trying to outdo one another on returns.

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        I was surprised by the comment about wife/husband, since the shop is run by a daughter. Stopped by today for the first time, and Al was running the shop. I was able to grill him a bit, and you are right! His wife is running the shop right now since his daughter just had a baby! [Very cute pictures, btw.]

        The shop is really pretty. I love the presentation of dried almonds, etc. in wide mouthed spice jars.

        I picked up a bottle of white balsamic vinegar, some sun-dried tomatoes, a chevre du Poitou, and replenished my Merlot vinegar supply.

        1. re: smtucker

          The white clam sauce is delicious! It's thickens beautifully and usually isn't quite enough for a whole lb. of pasta....

      2. Where is it in N. Camb.? On Mass. Ave? What's it near? Txs!

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        1. re: gansu girl

          Yeah, it's on Mass Ave, just a block or so north of Pemberton, same side of the street. They do have a nice space there, everything is well-presented. However, they do not cut fresh pasta there and don't seem to have quite as much variety of the fresh stuff (e.g, just a few salami, not as much cheese). They do, however, have a large array of the frozen stuff and pre-made dinners.

          1. re: chilibaby

            Mmmm - still so much easier for me than the other location - txs. for the info., will have to take my preschooler over there for "noodles" this week!

        2. Having tried the new location a few times, I've got to say that Dave's Fresh Pasta, very nearby in Davis Square, handily wins in both the ravioli and eggplant parmesan categories.

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            1. re: DavisSquare

              I love Dave's, and the prices are decent. I love to get their fresh pasta for ravioli when I don't have time to make my own.

              Capone's is great for egg pasta in shapes, which is hard to fine either fresh or dried. Theirs has great taste, and pleasing, chewy texture. Cool shapes, too.

            2. I like the Argentine empanadas and chimmichurri sauce, for when I don't have to cook. Also made great grilled pizza with the dough & sauce.

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              1. re: betta

                Oh right. I don't know how I forgot about the empanadas. Absolutely the best item we've gotten from them. Delicious and not easily available elsewhere in the neighborhood.

                1. re: betta

                  Anyone else try the pizza dough? Thinking that might be the next thing I try.

                  1. re: kittychow

                    It isn't bad at all! I like thin crust and this dough serves me well in a pinch. Seems to like thawing overnight in the fridge. When thawing on the counter, poke a hole in the plastic so it doesn't weep onto itself. In fact, now that I think about it, maybe thawing in a bowl covered with a dish towel would work best.

                    1. re: smtucker

                      darn it! started my grilled pizza fantasy for this evening's dinner without even considering it might be frozen.

                      1. re: kittychow

                        Clear Flour Bakery (which, conveniently, also carries a handful of Capone's pastas) has unfrozen pizza dough.