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Good place for lunch on a hot summer day

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I live in the Palms area and the bf and I are trying to think of somewhere to go have a good "summery" lunch. Preferrably somewhere that has air conditioned.
Any suggestions?
It doesn't have to be in this area.

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  1. Well, if you don't mind the drive, how about Geoffrey's in Malibu?

    Geoffrey's Malibu
    27400 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265

    1. Well, if you want a shorter drive than Geoffrey's, and don't mind questionable food, than the attached bar patio at Moonshadows where, if I can remember correctly after 4+ years, you can feel, or almost feel, the mist from the crashing waves. Call & verify, with the bartender if you can, just in case my memory recall function has gone haywire......


      1. Well, I ended up going to 26 Beach Cafe and got the soba noodle salad, which was quite good. The bf got the tuna salad sandwich and he really liked it. The fries there are really good.

        The posts below had some really good suggestions also. We may hit up one of them tomorrow. Thanks :)

        1. How about Cha Cha Chicken in Santa Monica, on Ocean at Pico? It's a block from the beach, and the menu is caribbean with an emphasis on chicken. I like the chicken cuban sandwich and a watermelon aqua fresca. They have a good chicken salad, too, with hearts of palm.

          It's open air, not air conditioned at all, but its in beautiful Santa Monica, where the marine layer floats in.

          1. Pack a cooler with a bottle of white or rose wine (don't forget the corkscrew), wineglasses, a cloth tablecloth and some coordinating napkins. Drive up PCH to Malibu Seafood. Order an Ahi buger or some fish tacos (or whatever suits you). Set up your picnic table and enjoy! Alotta bang for the buck.

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            1. Netpune's Net in Malibu
              Figtree's Cafe in Venice
              World Cafe on Main
              Library Alehouse
              Brunch at Catch at Casa Del Mar, then hang out at the hotel
              ...or as suggested do a picnic... grab sandwiches from Bay Cities

              1. I like Tender Greens for a summery lunch.

                1. Like The Rose in Venice -- traditional Californian food -- lots of different, salads, brunchie foods, etc -- solid and close to beach.
                  Axe another nice one in Venice -- more Zen-chic vibe.
                  Also Pain Quotidien -- the one on Melrose just W of La Cienaga -- not sure about air-conditioning -- but always feels fresh and has a great open balcony, good refreshing salads, v yummy open-faced sandwiches and nice iced coffees and lemonade.
                  Fan also of the weekend lunch/brunch at Campanili.

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                    There's a Le Pain Quotidien on Santa Monica, just east of 3rd St in Santa Monica as well... that would set them up for a walk on the promenade or even along the palisades...

                  2. Malibu Seafood, sit outside under shade and watch the ocean, great seafood and you can bring your own bottle of wine.