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Jul 28, 2007 02:05 PM

Rate Your RW Meals

Hi CH''s my list (in order of preference) of RW lunches, with highlights:

1. EMP (sous vide salmon)
2. Nobu (rock shrimp temp. in creamy,spicy sauce, black cod miso)
3. Megu (Kobe beef/rice, green tea mille-feuille...and temple bell & samurai armor)
4. Periyali (moussaka...only meal from which I emerged FULL/SATED)
5. Morimoto (angry chicken)
6. Kittichai (strip steak...and central pool with floating candles)
7. Alto (panna cotta)
8. Lure Fishbar (thick consistency of N.E. chowder & bacon)

RW is always an interesting/revealing way to see which restaurants care to show something of themselves...class is class....
Curious to see other CH's reactions/preference lists.

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  1. I only went to EMP and Bread Bar. I went to EMP alone and must say that they provided me excellent service and did not make me feel weird at all. Service was great, food delicious, and they even gave me a complimentary coffee!

    Bread Bar was not so great for me. The chicken dish was nice, however, the chutney that came with it was not good. The lentil chaat for the starter was just okay. I can find more delicious food in a regular indian restaurant. I wouldn't come back.

    I wanted to try Kittichai.....maybe next time.

    1. 1. EMP - Slow Roasted Salmon in White Tomato Foam

      2. The Bar Room at the Modern - Tomato and Almond Gazpacho with Mediterranean Rouget and Arctic Char Tartare

      3. Aquavit Cafe - Chilled Avocado Soup and Herring Sampler

      4. Aureole - Seared Hake with Summer Beans

      EMP was the biggest disappointment for RW - the food wasn't as great as before. The top restaurant that I've went to during RW was either Aureole (great service, good food overall) or The Bar Room at the Modern.

      All the places' desserts were sub par, IMO.

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      1. re: chocokitty

        Only place I had the RW menu all week was at Devi, and it was all top notch.

        Standouts were definately the lamb chops and the Emperor's morsel dessert.

        1. re: seal

          And they have that menu regularly don't they? It's available year round.

        2. re: chocokitty

          The Bar Room at the Modern was a standout for me -- I had the Arctic Char Tartare and the Gnocchi with Morels, and ended with the Chocolate Tart. I actually thought the Chocolate Tart was pretty good as I'd had a so-so chocolate dessert at EMP for RW lunch.

          1. re: kathryn

            Hi kathryn,

            While my friend and I ordered similar dishes at the Bar Room, my experience was completely opposite from yours. I thought the artic char tartare was bland and uninspiring. The morels and the sweetbread that accompanied the gnocchi tasted fine, the gnocchi itself was very gummy. I know it is not fair to compare gnocchi from a bar to an Italian restaurant, but when I tasted the gnocchi I kept thinking, "man, the gnocchi at Babbo or Del Posto was soooo much better." We left most of the gnocchi untouched.

            We also ordered the egg in a jar and the foie gras torchon (not in the RW menu). Those two dishes were excellent! We both felt that the RW menu was not a good reflection of what the Bar Room can best offer. What a shame.

            1. re: kobetobiko

              I hope they were having an off night or something!

              I've ordered the gnocchi twice recently, both times they were the perfectly cliched "soft fluffy pillows of delight" (or however writers are choosing to characterize amazing gnocchi these days).

        3. 1. Park Ave Summer - lobster salad, bread basket, watermelon amuse
          2. Maze - Sparefish, DESSERTS! after dinner dessert amuse

          1. 1) Mesa Grill - Chile relleno - I am a dyed-in-the-wool carnivore, cries of "Hallelujah" went up from me when I discovered the Atkins diet, but the vegetarian chiles rellenos were so flavorful and exciting that I tried to convince my friends to come back for lunch so I could have them again.
            2) Butter - Short ribs - service was lacking (as always), but the food was good enough that I can overlook being seated 30 minutes too late.
            3) Tribeca Grill - cauliflower soup - nothing else really stood out. I likely won't go back.

            I still intend on going to a few more that have extended their specials through Labor Day including Alfama, Asiate, Compass and a repeat performance at Alto.

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            1. re: JungMann

              My wife seconds the Butter short ribs, and I third it because she brought some home in a doggie bag and I got to have it the next day for breakfast with eggs! Mmm. Tasted gooooood.

            2. Perry Street: everything was good. I posted about my RW experiences and detailed each place I went to.

              Aquavit: herring platter, swedish meatballs

              Alto: turbot

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              1. re: G3B

                Park Avenue Summer: the initial impression was not good. Lots of bad vibe about ordering off the RW menu. I felt like one of the younger people in the room (and I am almost 50!). It doesn't seem like it draws outside of the neighborhood (and it is 63rd and Park...).

                Do you think they could make the RW menu any smaller? It was maybe 4 inches square. But the food was really good and service came around. Excellent bread/oil. I had the scallops (which had a nice curry flavor) and fish Milanese. Very expensive wine list. Not sure I'd go back at regular prices, but a business dinner would be nice.

                Perry Street: excellent meal, although for the life of me I can't remember what I ate! I love the look of the place. Service was very friendly and pace was good. The year-round RW-priced lunch is a good deal, too. I'd go back to Perry Street on at regular prices.