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Jul 28, 2007 01:45 PM

Custom Bourbon Bottling?

I remember reading once that Jack Daniels will allow you to put our own label on one of their casks. Does anyone know if this is true or if anyone else does this?

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  1. if you are, as your name implies, in brooklyn, you should try talking to lanell at lanell's in red hook. getting quality barrels of bourbon for private bottlings used to be pretty easy, but those days are coming to an end. although i doubt jack or jim are running low. heaven hill distillery is very popular with private label owners. if you want your whiskey delivered to new york, you're going to have to buy it through a retailer. i'm not sure what the law is in kentucky about buying direct from the distillery. a barrel of bourbon is going to be more than 300 bottles, so you might want to find a friend or two to split it with!

    1. Buffalo Trace distillery in Kentucky does it. I believe you purchase the entire barrel, they bottle it and label it for you. I remember also that it wasn't cheap, but then I had no idea what such a deal might go for anyway.

      1. 1: Jack Daniels is a Tennessee whiskey. While it is made following some of the processes for bourbon, it has additional processes it goes through as well.
        2: You can purchase your own barrel of Jack Daniels Single Barrel, but they will not put your own label on the bottle or the cask. You will receive neckers for the bottles with your name or business name. price will run from $7-9,000 for the barrel as it has been a few years since I saw the price of this venture. The Single barrel is a fantastic product and they will offer you a chance to go to Lynchburg to taste through several barrels and pick the one you like
        3: Heaven Hill Distillery will also do the same for several of their bottlings so price might be more flexible. The advantage of going through Heaven Hill would be that you would be getting true bourbon from possibly the best bourbon distillery around, and that they make several different styles of bourbon.

        1. well do you want bourbon or whiskey/jack daniels?

          1. I am looking for someplace to make custom labels for about 12 bottles....any suggestions

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              It's very rare that you'll find someplace to do a custom batch for that little (a case is a pretty small quantity). You'll be much more likely to find someone who will do a cask for you. I'd try someone not owned by one of the gigantic distilleries- I'd think that Buffalo Trace might be very willing to do so as they do a number of bottlings for single bars.

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                  Whatever your choice is you ought to have this small batch bottles etched instead of paper labeled.

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                    I am assuming that you do bottle etching? Is that why your two posts here are about bottle etching? Why not start a post about it so that folks can find out more?