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Wildfire Coming To Tysons

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Looked on their site....says they are opening in the Galleria during November this year......has anyone had experience with this Chicago based restaurant???

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  1. It's run by the Chicago-based Lettuce Entertain You restaurant group--creators of the local outposts of Maggiano's, Big Bowl, and Mon Ami Gabi. I'd say it's a pretty solid restaurant with very good food, but it's not going to beat the top steakhouses around this area. In Chicago, excellent service (may not translate here), very good sides, desserts, and and an excellent choice of non-steak entrees for a "steakhouse".

    1. Unfortunately, Tysons will be death on restaurants for a while.

      The traffic congestion is already ridiculous, and there are times of the year -- like mid-November to New Years -- where Tysons is impassable. Soon, construction for the new Metro stop will begin, and the traffic will choke even worse. As a result of the traffic problems, many of the information technology offices on Tysons -- that's right, and all of their expense accounts -- will soon migrate to either farther out, like Herndon and Chantilly, or closer in, when many DoD offices in Rosslyn and Crystal City are forced to move for physical security reasons.

      I'm not just making this up. A close friend is on the Board at the Tower Club and these are exactly the considerations that are discussed at all the Board meetings.

      1. Who needs yet another chain restuarant in Tyson's?

        1. I liked Wildfire the few times I went in the greater-Chicago area. It's reminiscent of Houston's but maybe less chain-y feeling.

          1. Wildfire is getting ready to open December 11 at the Tysons Galleria.

            1. Found ourselves in the Galleria in need of an early dinner Saturday. Serving staff was giving 110% (not surprising since they've only been open a few days), management seemed organized. Attractive atmosphere, sort of a cross between Maggiano's nostalgia and Houston's elegant dark wood. Thumbs up on the prime rib and the brownie ice cream sandwich dessert..

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                We were there for the opening. The food and service were both great. There's a red onion and chopped tomato salad that's delicious. The steak was well-prepared and there was a wine flight with four different wines that is a great value. If you are in the area it's a worthwhile place to check out - it would be particularly well-suited to a large group.

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                  People on this board should understand that the price point for Wildfire is lower than, say, Capital Grille, Morton's, the Palm, etc. This will not compete with them. Rather, M & S Grille, Fleming's, etc. The analogy that I will use is that Lone Star owns Del Frisco's (their high end steak house) and Fleming's which is a step below. For myself Wildfire (which originally was going to open in Tyson's 1) is not a plus to the Tyson's area. Rather, as the 11th or 12th steak house it is only a variation of a theme already run well into the ground.

              2. Six of us had dinner tonight (Jan.26). Noise, noise, noise. So noisy, we all had to huddle near the center of the table to hear each other. That being said, the service and the food was excellent. Would I return? Most definitely. However, I am going to try another night and not another Saturday.

                1. We were at Tysons II yesterday and considered dining at Wildfire. However, what stopped us were the steak prices. Not that I object to paying that much for a good steak, it's just that we weren't willing to gamble--at those prices--on it being good. After reading the feedback on this thread, we will once again consider trying it.

                  I have to agree with BigEats---we avoid the Tysons area from mid-November to New Years!

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                    I have been twice. First shortly after they opened. Service and food were both disappointing. Prices seemed high for what you got. The second time was a few days ago. The food was better, but still not a great value. The service was also not up to par for the prices, more like eating at a diner. There are too many other places in the area to give it a third try.

                  2. I just had dinner there tonight. Once will be enough. Although, it's a pleasant enough space, the food was not well seasoned (or too well seasoned) and just average in comparison to what the town offers. I had the Lemon Pepper Chicken, which was 2 breast halves, breaded and with enough salt to hide any other taste. Twice the volume of food needed to feed any adult, but, ruined by salt. Others at the table had similar remarks, the lamb chops were grilled and crusty, but, without flavor. How do you that???

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                      Suck. I hadn't heard of it or seen it mentioned and that's where our holiday party is. Oh well, at least it's NOT Maggiano's (even if it's close).

                    2. I recently went to Wildfire in Tysons Corner II for a night out with my sons, It was one of the worst experiences I have ever had. Steak not cooked right, sides tasted like they came out of box, Baby Back Ribs were as tough as leather. Wait staff was terrible we asked for A-1 and got it about the time I needed the check and the waiters only response was "Oh well you know I told 'those' guys you needed sauce but "those' people don't speak english you know. Wow not only was his service abysmal but his view on people of different nationalities seem oh so narrow... we saw him all of 2 times in the almost 2 hours we were there.He smelled of cigarettes when he finally brought the check.
                      Even the hostess made a comment that we should have gone to Ruth's Chris down the street. And for the prices we paid ... She was right!