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Jul 28, 2007 01:28 PM

Tallahassee, where is best Chinese?

I was always a fan of Chou's Dynasty,(now closed) and have been to Far East and like it...
What other places are good? Where is a good luncheon buffet?

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  1. Lucy Ho's has a good lunch buffet. Haven't been there in a while, though. Used to have mussels, steamed and fried dumplings and sushi rolls. Just got tired of eating there every Wednesday at Toastmasters. The North China Gourmet(?) in Market Square is small but good food.

    1. If you're talking about take out, I like the place in the Publix at Hwy 90 and I-10 and also the place on Capital Circle next to Espositos. I can't remember the name of any of the take out places. For a buffet, I kind of like China First on the corner of Capital Circle and Park Avenue. I'm supposed to go to Far East tomorrow and will report back on it.

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        I've only been in Tallahassee for about eight months and have eaten at three Chinese buffets. King Buffet on Apalachee Parkway wasn't very good. Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant at Apalachee and Capital Circle was nearly inedible.

        China First is pretty good. Certainly the best I've had in Tallahassee so far.

      2. The best Chinese I have every eaten in town is the little take out place on the corner of Fred George and Monroe street where Harveys use to be. It is not a sit down restaurant and they do not deliver. They, however, are usually quite busy. The amount of vegetables in all of the dishes is impressive. I also really enjoy the freshness and that none of the flavor is diluted.

        As for buffett. I have been to China First and Lucy Ho's. I prefer Lucy Ho's.

        1. Go to Bamboo House....Chef Lucy (not Ho) is the best. No, it's not 200 feet of food, but everything is great, constantly replenished and tastes individually prepared. For take-out, the only ones with true substance are Zheng's (on Mahan just east of Magnolia) and New Stars (Crawfordville Hwy+ Cap. Cr South Publix shopping center). Oh, and Great Wall (Walmart plaza at Tenn. and Capital Cr) used to be great. I still say that China Super Buffet is real good for a mega place, but avoid the big place on the Parkway.

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            I second the Bamboo House buffet! For takeout, I like the Rice Bowl on N. Monroe, up by Lake Jackson. (It's probably great to eat in, too, but I've only done takeout from there.) Both the Great Wall locations are good for takeout (W. Tennessee and Thomasville Rd in the shopping plaza with Fresh Market, Steinmart, etc.)

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              !Bamboo house is gross. I had the mongolian beef last night and it was GREASY!

              I read a review by a girl on this site yesterday and she said the same thing. she went twice and it was greasy both times.

            2. Yes, I can't believe that I forgot to mention Rice Bowl in the Winn Dixie plaza on Monroe just north of I-10. It is a great place to sit down and eat. They include a very small salad bar and a three or four soup bar with any purchase of $8. The food is great and they are very accomodating. My wife and I are vegetarians and they will replace any of the chicken dishes with tofu and do a great job with it. The meat eaters that go with me are always pleased with their meals too.