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Jul 28, 2007 12:51 PM

Native Bostonian dying for LOBSTER!!!

Hey all -

Even though I've been in L.A. for more than a decade, when the mercury tops 88 my genetic inheritance leaves me aching for lobster, not spiny, not Australian tails, no composed in a flurry of foam or ginger and green onion or Newberg style, but straight up, crack your own shell Maine lobster a little drawn butter, lemon and a bib.

Any ideas on where to either sit down and do this thing or who has a decent tank where they aren't 20 bucks a pound? Both are appreciated, I gotta feed this crustacean jones!

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  1. When jonesing for crustaceans on a budget, one gets the most bang for the buck at the Chinese seafood places in SGV. I haven't ordered lobster in quite a while as I'm more drawn to crab but the supermarkets and live seafood tanks are usually brimming with lobsters. I couldn't tell you the current supply of Maines or their prices but I am sure others on this site intimately know the stats.

    1. The Palm has a summertime lobster special going on -- I think about $80 for 2 for 4 lb lobster plus salad & 2 sides...I guess that adds up to $20 lb (inlcuding the sides). Believe it or not, I bought lobsters at a Fresh Fare Ralph's for Father's Day and they were about $10/lb and very tasty. You could also check out Fish King in Glendale --- slightly more expensive than Ralph's (but not $20/lb).

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        Which Ralphs has a tank? That could be a good source. As are all these suggestions. Thanks!

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          We bought them at the Ralph's in Woodland Hills, but I believe the one on La Brea and Fountain also has a lobster tank.

      2. For affordable Maine Lobster today, go to Malibu Seafood (BYOB) for $21.95/lb:

        If you can wait till Wednesday, than I strongly suggest the Summer Lobster Bake at Mark's for:

        1 & 1/2 lb. Maine Lobster, soup or salad, & corn on the cob for $23.95!! (under specials..


        The Palm - A good deal: however, it's not Maine Lobster but Australian or ????

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          The Palm in fact serves "Maine" lobster (homarus americanus); however, the Palm purchases it from Nova Scotia, Maine's Canadian cousin.

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            Thanks for the correction, as after I posted I went to their website & Nova Scotia it is (s/b close enough). So technically right, but in substance - wrong. I think last year's summer special they bought from somewhere else, and it was a place not generally known for Lobster, which was what I was originally thinking.

            1. re: JBC

              I love their Summer lobster deals and my friends and I take full advantage every year. The lobsters on the special, and the regular menu, were from Nova Scotia last year as well (in fact, I can't recall a time the West Hollywood Palm hasn't offered Nova Scotia lobster, and I've been going since that branch opened). This year, though, the lobster part of the special ends this month instead of going through the end of Summer; next month (and in September), the Palm will be doing a crab-leg and sliced steak duo instead. Timing being everything, I just received an e-mail reminder (while typing this) of my upcoming reservation for one last crack at the lobster special.

        2. Enterprise Fish Co has a $19.99 lobster special on Mondays and Tuesdays, James Beach has the same on Fridays.

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            1. re: Servorg

              Thanks for the clarification! James Beach is $19.99 and comes with a baked potato, corn on the cob, bread and salad. The website says "AQ" but I've had it many times.

              1. re: hrhboo

                Not that long ago Enterprise had it at $24.95. I didn't know about James Beach having a special on lobster, so thanks for that tip.

                1. re: hrhboo

                  wow, under 20 bucks for the lobster at Jame's Beach, i've always seen that
                  AQ for the beach lobster on fridays, but that it was going to be the most expensive item on the menu.

                  1. re: kevin

                    The last time I had it was over a year ago so it's possible that the price has gone up. I still go there a lot on Friday nights and 90% of the tables have the lobster special!

            2. Sonny McLean's, a Boston bar, on 26th and Wilshire in Santa Monica does a Lobster Dinner one night a week. My fuzzy memory doesn't recall the day/price, but I do remember it sounded reasonable.

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                Katty - you were correct; however, it's not on their website anymore, I called and asked and they've not doing that anymore......