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How do you use up your leftover vegetables?

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I usually end up making a fritatta which can take all sorts of odds and ends. Sometimes I'll cut everything up and roast in the oven. I'm curious about what other people do to use up veggies before they go bad.

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  1. I make soups and stir-fries, mostly.

    1. frittata, omelet, strata, soup/stew... or the dog gets 'em with his meat.

      1. I recently chopped up leftover roasted eggplant, zucchini and asparagus as a topping for pizza. Used the last bit of a basil pesto as the sauce and dusted the pie with freshly grated Parmesan after taking it out of the oven.

        1. I throw them in a pan and roast them. Roasted veggies are great for sandwiches.

          1. Depending on what they are, they may reincarnate into pasta sauce.

            1. Save them for soup or potpies.

              1. Fried rice, tortilla wraps, scrambled eggs.

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                  Yes burritos! Almost forgot, they make great burritos.

                  1. I keep a ziplock bag in the freezer and when it's full I make a stew, soup, a bastard goulash - whatever comes to mind. But I avoid peppers in this process since they tend to overwhelm everything else - that and I loathe green peppers, mostly.

                    1. ditto the potpie, soups, pasta/pizza concoction, stir fry, ratatouille.
                      fritatta sounds great!

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                        I see soups have been mentioned about 5-6 times already and I have to join that
                        group, I call it my refrigerator soup, usually on saturday I take out all the leftovers
                        and find what meat that I might have and I make a leftover soup, with cornbread of
                        course. it works out pretty good. cleaning out your refrigerator and having something
                        different to eat. I call it my joy of cooking....

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                          ditto, throw in the leftover frozen rind of the parm and mmmmm...

                      2. My dad, and alot of Chinese/Asians..make fried rice with leftover veggies/rice/meat of any kind....sorta like meatloaf uses leftover meat...

                        1. In my case this past week I had some cooked, acorn squash, broccoli, fresh tomatoes, cooked zucchini, added onion and a small jar of tomato cream vodka sauce (that ain't bad) dotted with ricotta and provolone, added my new concoction of ricotta sauce. I had a few of those no bake lasagna noodles left over (the jury is still out on those) but anyway I made a terrific veggie lasagna that fit perfectly into an 8x8 baking dish topped with romano cheese. It was really good, and I used everything, no wasting. Too many people don't have enough food.

                          1. I have a ton of leftover fresh cooked stringbeans- anything to do with them??

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                              Mix a couple of cloves of chopped garlic into 1/2 cup of mayo, and add to warm beans by the tablespoonful. Then you have garlic aioli to spread on sandwiches etc for the next few days.

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                                I love this Barefoot Contessa recipe for string beans with shallots. So simple, SO good.


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                                  Chop up and make a fritata.

                                  Marcella Hazan also has a 'pasticcio' of string beans and potatoes that I haven't made but which sounds good.

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                                    I just saw a recipe on a blog for soup, made with carrots, green beans and almond flour. Looked wonderful.

                                  2. I'm trying to be more disciplined about using up leftovers (to change from my past practice of putting in refrigerator and then throwing out in a week or two)

                                    Last night I had some leftover pork from grilled pork chops, so I cut up the meat added sauteed red and hot peppers, onion, cumin, allspice and garlic and made . .. empanadas!
                                    I particularly like that you can freeze them, so I'm going to keep them in mind for the future -- both to use stuff up and to have a ready made dinner or snack in the freezer.
                                    Tonight I'm going to stuff some hot peppers w/ sausage and freeze . . .

                                      1. In addition to the ideas mentioned... quesadilla; calzone (using storebought pizza dough); "mexican lasagna," shepherd's pie, or other casserole; cook it up with ground lamb or turkey and Indian spices (alternative to Asian stir-fry); wrap, possibly with leftover meat/fish.

                                        1. i usually make stir-fries with them and toss them with some bean thread or rice noodles. or add them to fried rice.

                                          1. Chop up whatever vegetables you have and throw them in a wok or dutch oven with oil and soy sauce. Stir fry briefly, and when they're hot and start releasing their liquid put some thin fish fillets on top, cover the pot and steam the fish in the steam from the veggies. Serve the fish over rice topped with the veggies - delicious!

                                              1. Depends on what they are. If raw zucchini, eggplant, peppers, etc I will make a baked ratatouille. If root vegetable or greens I will make an asian flavored soup. If vegetables were previously steamed I will add to salads.

                                                1. Using them in frittatas/omelettes/scrambles is usually always a good bet. Also, I have found that just about every vegetable can be stir fried with sausage (pasta works well in this) to great success.

                                                  1. i usually use my leftover veggies for thai curry :) pretty much anything works~!

                                                    1. Chop room-temperature, cooked vegetables into similar size pieces and toss with extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon juice, Parmigiano-Reggiano, red pepper flakes, salt & pepper to taste. This is a great salad/side dish. To extend it a bit and make it into a main course, toss with cooked, cooled farro, orzo, Israeli couscous, fregola, etc. You get the idea. This can also be done in a heated version, but I prefer the room temp version; speaks more to my Italian roots. :)