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Jul 28, 2007 11:00 AM

Monteverde Review

Much as I try, I just can't walk away from this beautiful restaurant with any intention of coming back for the food. It gets more and more beautiful each time I go, but inspite of a new chef (Ned Petersen), lunch was only fair. Tomato vinagrette and a caesar salad were promising starters, but the dorade that followed, ineptly described by an unknowledgealble waitress as "much like trout" was very similar to bluefish instead.
The bacon cheeseburger with melted gruyere was rubbery and overcooked. The accompanying fries, however, were skinny, crisp and delicious.
The service was slow and our particular waitress had a lot of attitude. And, as always, the prices were high.

The setting is so drop dead that I keep hoping someone will get this place together.
But, sadly, we were sorely disappointed once again.

The manager admitted she was shorthanded that day. And she herself was pleasant and accomodating.

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