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Jul 28, 2007 10:57 AM

Escondido Swap Meet

We're headed up there tomorrow to see what all the fuss is about and have a go at the food. Only problem is we're not sure where in Escondido it's located. Anybody here enlighten us? Thank you in advance.

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    1. If you are coming North on 15 - take the Ramona East 78 exit - get off on the first exit which is center city pkwy going south. Make your first right on Escondido Blvd. The swap meet is on your left behind the starbucks.

      Go on the weekend and be advised there are two dining areas - head for Fiesta Oaxaquena. I wish I could go so bad!

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        Finding Fiesta Oaxaquena on a first time visit can be quite difficult. I tried to find it on my first visit there, and after what I thought was a thorough scouring of this very vast swap meet, I came back only having found one of them. The first food court, you'll have no problem finding, as it's right beside the entrance.

        To find the second food court make an immediate left as you enter the swap meet, and head towards the base of the outdoor movie screen. I can't quite recall where the second food court was relative to the screen, but if you get to the screen, you'll be close. Expect to see a single-story permanant structure. When I first went I tried to check everything, including the semi-permanant and temporary stalls, and simply ran out of time to complete my search!

        If you're as brave as kare_raisu, you'll try the crickets! ( ) As for myself I was very pleased with the Tlayudas con cecina, once I figured out the best way to eat it! (Shred the beef into short ribbons with your bare hands.) ( )

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          The building with Fiesta Oaxaqeno is beyond the old movie screen. You're correct, make a hard left and follow the aisle basically to the end. It actually makes a big loop with the food building in the "eye" of the loop. Fiesta Oaxaqueno is in the interior of the building on the left. It can be difficult to find the first time. There is a corn vendor is close by and there is seating in front of the entrance to the building. When we were there, there was a (quite good) stilt walker entertaining the crowd, his schtick included a fire component which was pretty impressive.