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Birchrunville Store Cafe

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Has anyone been to the Birchrunville Store Cafe? Would like scoop about it.

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  1. We were there last summer -- had a delicious meal. It's kind of hard to find -- make sure you get good directions. I can't really tell you anything about the meal except that it was very good. I believe it's BYO and cash only. It was really very far from where we lived (we've moved since) so it was a once only deal for us, but worth it.

    1. We went two years ago and I thought it was wonderful. We arrived a little early and sat on the front porch in rocking chairs with our wine... it is byo. Don't remember if it's cash only. Would definitely agree about directions.... we got lost. It's very tricky to find, so make sure you get very good directions. It's very far for us too, so we probably won't be back very soon. If I can remember what we had, I'll let you know. Oh, and I remember we requested to sit in front of the window and that Jen (pretty sure that was her name) be our server. Nice spot to sit and service was very friendly and informative.

      1. IMHO, this may be the best restaurant in all of Chester County, and maybe even the best of the 'burbs. Everything you've heard about it is probably true: wonderful food, well prepared using fresh ingredients, nicely presented. You have to walk out of the restaurant to reach the restrooms. The ambiance is charming and the service is excellent. It's BYO and, because the menu changes often, it's probably a good idea to phone ahead and ask what's on the menu for that evening so you can pair your wines accordingly. Oh, and it's waaaaay out in the boonies, so you'd better ask for good directions. It's a small restaurant with few tables, so reservations for a Saturday night need to be made months in advance. By all means, DO give it a try, and let us know how you liked it.

        1. We went about a month ago. It's such a great setting, I wanted to love it, but I didn't. I don't recall exactly what we ordered, but I do recall that my husband really disliked his veal. I thought my food was good, but not special. If you are a cheese lover, call ahead: we were told that cheese courses need to be arranged in advance!

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            I agree. The ambiance is wonderful, but the food is overrated. For instance, their lobster bisque cannot compare to Gilmore's.

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              Gilmore's is one of my all-time favorite restaurants, but after last Saturday, I'm giving a slight lead to Birchrunville.

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                Well I haven't been there in a couple years. Maybe I should give it another try. Thanks.

          2. As luck (and coincidence) would have it, five of us snared a last-minute reservation at Birchrunville Cafe last evening, and dinner was outstanding. Some of our appetizers included a seafood carppaccio with white tuna, ahi tuna and salmon; porcini and wild mushroom crepes; and kobe beef carppacio. Among our entrees were a basil encrusted rack of lamb, veal loin in a madiera sauce and wild boar stuffed with sun dried currants. We shared a few desserts among us, the star of which was a pistachio creme brulee. If there was a disappointment, it was that there were very few fish entrees offered. All in all, this was a wonderful dining experience, enhanced by the selection of champagne and wines that we'd brought along. We brought six bottles, so we could choose our wine appropriately. And, as we found out, last minute reservations ARE possible. In fact, we were first offered an early seating, but couldn't make it on such short notice. They called us back about 30 minutes later with an opening for the later (8:30) seating, which we grabbed.

            1. Worth the drive to the middle of nowhere. Food was excellent, service was great and super friendly, quaint atmosphere and reasonably priced.

              1. I got a reservation on August 24th at 8:30pm and will let you all know what I think of it.

                Thank you for all replies.

                1. This is our favorite restaurant. We live only about 15 minutes away, so it's also convenient and it's a really lovely drive if you go when it's daylight. Usually when we go, we make a reservation for about 6 weeks later for our next visit, because it is difficult to get reservations, especially on Saturday night. We've probably been about four times and each time it has been excellent. The chef really pays attention to details, so even simple things are prepared to perfection.

                  BTW, it used to be hard to find because there was a bridge out or something, but now you can just turn onto Flowing Springs Road directly from Rte. 100 (heading east), and the restaurant is at the corner of Flowing Springs and Hollow Road. The directions on their website are, IMO, much more confusing.

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                    We usually find our way there okay, but often get lost getting back to Rt. 100. I had no idea that Rt. 100 intersects with Flowing Springs Road. I'll have to keep that in mind for our next trek out there. BTW, I think the bridge work you referred to has been completed.

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                      Finally got there last night after having talked about going for the last three years. I can only back everything that was said by others. Best in Chester County. Simplicity carried off with great quality. Wish there were more fish. Slightly ahead of Gilmore's foodwise, but a much more pleasant experience all round.

                      And the bill was a very pleasant surprise. I know they can't possibly pay too much rent out there, but for the quality of food, I was blown back.

                      And yes, everyone is right about directions. I live only 5 mi away, but it was still tough. Especially as things look very different in the dark than they do in the daylight. Zelbee is right, but that's an awful long way to get there unless you are coming from north Rte. 100 (say Pottstown).

                      In any event, it was everything it was cracked up to be, and I wish I had started going sooner.