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Place to buy Pure Cane Sugar Pepsi? Dr Pepper?

I recently ate at a Taco Stand that was selling Pure Cane Sugar Pepsi in a bottle. It was so good I ordered 3 bottles, but at $2 a piece I was hoping there was another place I could get a few of these bad boys here in LA?

Any help would be appreciated, as always! =)

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  1. I've also seen mexican Coke products in the case at some of my favorite taquerias. (Taqueria Sanchez, Tacos Por Favor...) They are usually a more expensive option along with regular cans. Gotta think that some of the Mexican grocery stores must sell them, or you can ask the taco stand about their supplier.

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      I was thinking the same thing about a mexican grocery store having them. Is anyone aware of one on the Westside or Valley?

      I tried asking her where she got it but she didn't give me any clue as to where. Must be a secret. lol

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        Vallarta Market on Victory at Erwin in Valley Glen carries Mexican soft drinks. They also have the best corn tortillas I have tried. They're still hot when you buy them.

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          I just went to Vallarta today and found that they do carry 7-Up, Coke, Squirt and Pepsi in their Mexican drink section. I was thrilled and bought 10 bottles for a tad under $10.

          I only wish I could buy these in cases.... or 2 Liters.. =D

          Thanks for the tip!

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            I was buying cases of COKE from the Burbank Costco. 24 bottles for just under $19.00. I'm not sure if a CRV is charged. So less than a dollar a bottle is a good price.

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            Victory at Erwin? Both are east-west. There's a Vallarta at Lankershim and Erwin, NoHo.

            No there isn't. Different market. My bad. Vallarta's on Oxnard east of Vineland. Or Vineland and Sherman Way.

      2. I've seen these in the Pasadena BevMo.

        1. My wife recently purchased a case of sugar based MexiCokes at, of all places, Costco. I didn't even know they carried it. I don't drink Pepsi, but perhaps they have that as well.

          I've found Mexican Coke & Pepsi at many Mexican/Latino grocery stores in my area (Pasadena). There's always Galco's in Highland Park. I think I've seen Pepsi there.

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            I also checked costco on the west side today but they didn't have anything like that. It must be a select few that carry them. bummer!

          2. No one seems to be tackling the Dr Pepper, so I'll give it a go. Dr Pepper is a Texas obsession, and Dr Peppers made with cane sugar - "Dublin Dr Peppers" - are legendary are the state, something most Texans know about but few have actually had. (I've had one, but I must admit that, having been raised on the corn syrup ones, I don't really go for the sugar-based Dublin Dr Peppers. The flavor seems too... muted.)


            If the obscenely overpriced Galco's in Highland Park or Beverage Warehouse near Marina del Rey - which carries a lot of the same products as Galco's (e.g., Cheerwine, Bawls, Kentucky Nip) but at better prices - doesn't carry Dr Pepper bottles from the Dublin, Texas bottling plant, which is the last bottling plant in America still making Dr Pepper with cane sugar instead of corn syrup, you can always order them online:


            Beverage Warehouse
            4935 McConnell Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

            Galco's Old World Grocery
            5702 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

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              Galco's definitely has sugar-based Dr. Pepper. In fact, IIRC, the bottles actually mention the specific brand of cane sugar used.

              1. re: Jack Flash

                That would be Imperial Cane Sugar, I believe. I'm pretty sure those are Dublin Dr Peppers.

              2. re: Woolsey

                I went out to Beverage Warehouse today and they said they haven't carried it in months. They said it's much harder to get the mexico coke. I did pick up a few bottles of coke however, I figure I had to come away with something from the trip.

                So I'm off to find another place! Thanks though

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                  For sure, Bogetta Louie in Downtown has the Dublin Dr. Pepper... it's NOT cheap... but if all you want is a try... that's your best bet at the Mo'


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                  Dr. Pepper is made with cane sugar in West Jefferson, North Carolina as well. They also make a lot of other sodas with cane sugar.


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                    Unfortunately you can't get anything from West Jefferson anymore on the west coast (or really at all outside the distribution from the West Jefferson area) unless it's a black market kind of deal. You can thank some scuzzy Cali lawyer somewhere who filed a lawsuit against (I think) Pepsi over prop 65 (lead on the bottle) and how these bottles coming from West Jefferson didn't fit CA regulations. Word got out, and the local bottlers were wondering why West Jefferson was encroaching on their turf in the first place (nevermind the fact that there was no actual competition-- local bottlers weren't distributing glass bottles with cane sugar). So they complained to Pepsi, and Pepsi told West Jefferson to stop distributing outside their area.

                    I may have twisted a few facts, but that's the gist of it. West Jefferson makes cane sugar Dr. Pepper (in 12 oz. bottles, unlike the smaller Dublin bottles), Mountain Dew, 7 UP, Nehi, and RC Cola among others. When the Beverage Warehouse explained to me why they wouldn't be getting this stuff in anymore, it ticked me off to no end. People now make pilgrimages to West Jefferson to stock up.

                    And the Beverage Warehouse does carry Mexican Pepsi. As of six weeks ago or so, it was $7 for a 6-pack of (roughly) 11.5 oz bottles. I remember seeing Dublin Dr. Pepper there once last year, but that was it.

                  2. re: Woolsey

                    Dublin Dr Pepper really only refers to the Dr Pepper bottled at Dublin Tx. And its only good out of a glass bottle. Dublin has recently stopped producing DP though due to trade dispute, so now Temple TX bottles cane sugar DP. I bought one at a convenience store in Commerce TX last week and it was amazing. I saw this little glass bottle and almost walked by it before I realized what it was. The only way to get Temple DP is to actually be in the region around Temple, or pay outrageous prices on amazon because Dr Pepper Co. doesnt want cane sugar products to compete against corn syrup DP on large scale. This is what killed Dublin, they started selling outside of their permitted trade zone

                  3. King Ranch market on Huntington drive In Monrovia has mexi-pepsi. I believe it's $1.25/bottle. I can't recall whether they have DP though.

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                      I saw Mexican Coke at King Ranch today for $0.79 each. Not sure if it was on sale.

                    2. Don't know about pepsi or dr pepper, but I saw mexican coke today at the carniceria on broxton and santa monica blvd. Didn't look at the price, but if you're looking for a place that sells it on the west side - that's one. It's on the same corner as Monte Alban, El Super Taco and Tokyo Fast Food (all places mentioned in various threads on this board).

                      1. If you can hold your craving until about March, the beverage companies usually come out with "Kosher for Passover" soft drinks that are made with sugar rather than corn syrup. Corn products are not kosher during Passover.

                        1. The Northgate supermarket near me (Rosecrans and Prairie, Hawthorne) has mexican Pepsi for a buck apiece IIRC. Suggest that you check out others in the chain. Anyone been into a Gigante supermarket recently?
                          Small M&P markets like the one at Inglewood Ave and 138th Street usually have it for about the same price. Mexican Coke OTOH is harder to find.

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                            I'd posted a query about buying Mexi-Coke in the South Bay about two months ago but received no response. Your finding Mexi-Pepsi however is a good substitute. I did finally find Mexi-Coke at the price I was will to pay ($1.00 a bottle) at a Vallarte market in Santa Clarita where I do business once a month. Here is the thread regarding the Mexican Coke that I posted on from before (apparently some Costco locations do carry it for about $18.00 a case, just none I've been to): http://www.chowhound.com/topics/402848

                          2. I've bought several Mexican Coke bottles from Super Walmart in Rosemead for 2 of $2. It's found under the cheap dvd's stands in the entertainment section. They actually taste better than coke cans.

                            1. I saw Coke made with sugar at Costco in Signal Hill last week.

                              1. awesome, thanks for the heads up

                                1. I just noticed this morning that Intelligentsia stocks Dublin Dr. Peppers in the little cooler to the side of the coffee bar along with the Voss water, Jamaican ginger ale, and a few other artisanal sodas, in case anyone's in Silver Lake and craving a cold cane sugar soda in the late summer heat...

                                  Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea
                                  3922 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029

                                  1. There was cane sugar Dr Pepper in my local 99 cent store yesterday. Had never seen it before. If you've got one near you might be worth a detour just to check.

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                                      Thanks for the heads up! I stopped at the 99 cent store on labrea & willoughby and they had it 2 for 99 cents, 16oz cans.

                                    2. They have Dr. Pepper, 16 oz cans, made with real cane sugar at the 99 cents only stores right now (Oct. '07). It is very good! If you decide to buy - stock up - once it is gone - it is gone! Just noticed other people posted the same item! Sorry. I saw it at an Orange County 99 cents location as well.

                                      1. Surfas usually has the Dublin Dr Peppers -- the small ~8-ounce bottles -- in the refrigerated section. They're pretty close the $2.00/each level, though. You can order them off of the bottler's web site http://www.olddocs.com too. The 12-ounce cans are cheaper once you factor in shipping.

                                        1. wow does cane sugar pepsi taste anything like the mythic, now extinct RC DRAFT COLA? if so, i'm there.

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                                            Rameniac, my local Dollar Store in Sunland gets sugar Pepsi in all the time, I drink it regularly. I was also a Crack addict erm, I mean, Royal Crown Draft premium Cola drinker back in the day and the two of them taste completely different. The slight vanilla-tasting tincture and the Kola nut in RC Draft set it apart from pretty much every cane sugar-sweetened Cola I've ever had.

                                            Have you ever been to New Zealand? Apparently Royal Crown International has still been making & selling Royal Crown Draft premium Cola down under all these years since 1997 ... I almost keeled over when I heard this earlier today, I had to Google it for myself, and sure enough, there's even an on-line grocery store in New Zealand that sells it, both the individual bottles and the 4-packs!!! :-O (But I don't think they ship internationally ;) )

                                            But you probably knew this already, I see you started a whole separate thread on this stuff!

                                            But I'll add this - someone in Kiwi-land posted a pic of the 4-pack, looks just like it did back in '97:


                                            1. re: Riot Nrrrd™


                                              i had heard something about rc draft in australia, but didn't know if it was the same thing. this picture is convincing photographic evidence of possibly the greatest drink known to man...

                                              now if only i can get my hands on sum...

                                              1. re: rameniac

                                                Saw an earlier thread with this link. Did you ever ask/beg these people if they are willing to ship internationally?

                                                Googling this topic came up with a couple results where Japan was also mentioned alongside Australia and New Zealand. Looking at the bottle here is proof that they have it or had it:
                                                Do they even have soda specialty shops there? That would be interesting to visit.

                                          2. the vallarta on victory is one block west of woodley, right near the springbok restaurant. orange line accessible.

                                            btw they have a great takeout/deli counter.

                                            1. I was just at Costco in Burbank (Victory & Burbank). On Sunday 11/11/07 and they had Cases of Coke Bottles from Mexico made with Pure Cane Sugar. The Selling price was $17.18 I believe. I know they are $17.00 something. I was just at Galco's AKA SodaPopStop.com and they have every soda you could imagine that is bottled in Glass. I've seen the place on the FOOD Network before. They are Located on York Blvd. a couple miles from Eagle Rock Blvd.

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                                                "I was just at Costco in Burbank (Victory & Burbank). On Sunday 11/11/07 and they had Cases of Coke Bottles from Mexico made with Pure Cane Sugar. The Selling price was $17.18 I believe. I know they are $17.00 something."

                                                $17.19 (+ 5 cents CRV and of course 8.25% tax) to be exact - just bought 5 cases there tonight! XD

                                                Costco's == my new Crack dealer! :)

                                              2. bought a case of mexican coke yesterday at, of all places, Plaza Mexico off the 105 fwy at long beach blvd. had 7up too, and tons of mexcian sodas i've never heard of. look carefully before purchasing, i found bottles from the hidalgo plant made with HFCS :( luckily none in my bunch.

                                                  1. COSTCO!
                                                    Long Beach and on Katella in Seal Beach. I know it sounds crazy; but my sister buys it there by the case (Coca cola brand).
                                                    Her housekeeper from Mexico hates it and refuses to drink it. Go figure.