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Jul 28, 2007 09:26 AM

Chinese donut in East Bay?

I was working near Clement st. in SF this summer and fell in love with the chinese donut and sweet bean milk at Taiwan restaurant. Anyone know a good place to get it in the East Bay, preferably Berkeley or Albany? Thanks!

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  1. China Village on Solano.

    China Village
    1335 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94706

    1. This thread was primarily about fan tuan (rice roll with Chinese donut, pork sung, pickled vegetable, dried shrimp) but all the places with fan tuan have the plain Chinese donut (you tiao) and sweet soy milk too.

      The other East Bay restaurants mentioned (Taiwan Restaurant in Berkeley and Szechuan Restaurant in Oakland) both got dinged for greasy you tiao... I haven't found any actual reports on China Village's. Please report back if you go! Also, can you get a fan tuan and report back? <g> Actually, I should get over there myself... it's been a month since my last fan tuan,

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        Thanks for the links- I'll try China Village. Is this something that's available only during the day, or could I get it at night, too?

        1. re: mmh

          have only had it there at lunch time... comes out extremely hot, crunchy and not too greasy. my only real comparison is yangtze river on shattuck while growing up, think they made the best chinese donut.