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Jul 28, 2007 09:24 AM

Olso and Trondheim

Any great food recommendations for a NYC foodie in Oslo and Trondheim? We'll be in Oslo for two days and Trondheim for three.


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  1. I was in Oslo on a few weeks ago and if you like restaurants that have an elegant 19th century atmosphere, be sure to try these two places (both of which are only a very short walk from the National Theater):
    Grand Café
    Grand Hotel
    Karl Johansgate 31
    Tel: 23 21 00 00 Website:
    Ibsen ate here almost every day and so can you. Excellent food and elegant service. Nice buffet in the summer. Try to get a table with a good view of the street.

    Hotel Continental
    Stortingsgate 24
    Tel: 22 82 40 50 Website
    Elegant Viennese-style café, with elegant food and live piano music.

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    1. re: Delhiwala

      For Oslo there is lots of places to go, Grand Cafe and Theatercafeen not beeing two of them IMO. Old "institutions" owerly priced even in Norwegian standards.

      Bagatelle is nr1 restaurant in Oslo.

      Others: oro, statholdergaarden, lofoten fiskerestaurant (fish a la lofoten), le cenard.

      1. re: Loveling

        I must disgree. I like the Grand Cafe and Theatercafeen a lot - more for the romantic atmosphere of old Oslo than for the food (which is very good but expensive in both places).

        1. re: Delhiwala

          I agree on the atmosphere:) As long as you have a healthy wallet, and you don't expect super cooking it is just fine. And it is on the mainstreets of Oslo, making it easy accessable and convinient. It is a safe choise often visited by the older generation. I think your description is very good - you don't go there for the food.

          If you're going for the food i would rather go to Feinschmecker or Statholdergaarden to have the same "amount" of atmosthere (historical places, Statholdergaarden more than Feinschmecker) and much better food.

          In Statholdergaarden Bent Stiansen (first Norwegian Bocuse d’or) is the head chef making wonderful food. The site for this one is currently out of order, but browse and it might just pop up:)

          Feinschmecker: It is in Norwegian, but if you choose "bilder" (pic) you can take a look at the food and the place.

    2. I've been to Trondheim twice. More recently I taught a short course there for a week. I don't have restaurant names because I was taken to them and my Norwegian is pretty much limited to "thank you" (toosend tag is how I pronounce it.)
      I remember a pizza place in the basement of one of the old wharves.
      One of the downtown hotels has a lovely restaurant on the second floor, same food serverd in more modest situation at street level for lower cost.
      Near the train station, a restaurant dripping in history that had been a German Officers' spot in WWII when Trondheim was the northern Atlantic U-boat center. That cement efifice was a health club when I was there- it's so massive and well built that they can't blow it up without flattening the city (which is mostly timberframe buildings.)

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      1. re: shallots

        I am SO jealous!! You lucky goose!!
        IShallots, I believe you are talking about Pepe's Pizza - expensive, but it is a MUST when I am there visiting family.
        My mom says in Trheim, to go to the Royal Garden Hotel and the most famous place is Palmehaven - a MUST (my mom's favorite). Oldest and most famous place in town. Tyholt Taarnet - restaurant that rotates and you can have views of the whole city. A romantic place called Tavern is at the Sverresborg Museum (she said you should also go to this museum for a history of old Norway). Also go to the Nidaros Domen (Cathedral) which has been there for over 1,000 years (I was baptized there and my parents were married there). 2nd oldest city in Norway.
        Rica Hotel (near the harbor where the cruise ships come in) has a terriffic bar and great food. They just celebrated my grandmother's 86th birthday there last week.There is a shopping area with lots of summertime outside restaurants across the walking bridge from the Rica. This is Trheim's newest and most popular shopping area.
        Try to eat at a place on Nidelven River (the famous wharf buildings). Walk on Nordre Street - that is where the locals walk and hang out. Many small outdoor shops in the summertime (including famous Erichsen's which is closing soon). Get some of the soft-serve ice cream with krokan (SO good!!).

        1. re: WildSwede

          Oh, one more thing. You have to go to Ravnkloa (the fish market on the canal, at the end of Munkegata) and get some fresh shrimp and eat them on the dock. One of my favorite things there - it has spoiled all other shrimp for me!! ;-)

          1. re: WildSwede

            Soft is with krokan!! The best ice cream ever. WildSwede, I think you are in the US, right? Have you ever found soft-serve ice cream here that is as good as the Norwegian soft is? I am always on the lookout for an American equivalent that is as soft, not too sweet, and oh so creamy...

            1. re: sue zookie

              Hi Sue! Yes, I am in Los Angeles. Where are you? I really have not found any soft serve here that rivals that in Norway. Of the options here, I like Foster's freeze, Ikea and McDonalds - although it really is nothing like it. In the midwest, though, the frozen custard is really good - I like Carver's(?) the best.
              However, in Sweden you HAVE to get the paron (pear) ice cream that you can get in any grocery store. It is heaven in a bowl. It has a creamy texture and is delicious!

              1. re: WildSwede

                Pear ice cream sounds wonderful! I'm in Newark, a suburb of San Francisco. I have never tried frozen custard but it sounds delicious--I wonder why no one makes it around here?

                1. re: sue zookie

                  Post on your area's board and ask - if it exists, someone will tell you!!

        2. I was in Oslo 5 years ago, ate at a different restaurant every day and never had one bad meal. The fish soup at the DS Louise in Akkersbrygge (sp?) was the best I've ever had. Maud's was also excellent. A small restaurant close to Coch's Pensonjat where I stayed (it's close to the royal palace) had meatballs almost as good as my mother's! I wanted to go to House of Norway, but it was closed for some reason and I couldn't read the sign on the door (unlike my mother, I can't speak Norwegian).